"He Was Over 30 And Had Snapchat": 18 Hilariously Petty Reasons Why People Dumped Their Partner

"He Was Over 30 And Had Snapchat": 18 Hilariously Petty Reasons Why People Dumped Their Partner

We recently asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the pettiest reasons they broke up with someone, and their submissions are actually hysterical. Here's what they had to say:

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1."There were other reasons I wanted to end this short-lived 'relationship,' but I knew it was over when he told me his favorite vegetable was zucchini bread."


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2."He said 'irregardless.' We were having a deep conversation, and then 'irregardless' came out of his pretty little mouth. He had to go!"


3."He had massive nostrils and was almost a foot taller than me. It was just gross."


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4."I went out a few times with a guy I met on the apps, but I just couldn't get past his text lingo. He used 'haha' as if it were punctuation. EVERY SENTENCE ended with 'haha'. Eventually, it dampened the attraction I felt for him, and ultimately, I had to let him go."


5."There was this really nice guy, sweet, caring, a great dude. We were chilling one day when we were talking about birthdays. Turns out his was the same day as my lying, manipulative ex. I couldn’t do it."


6."He said 'pacific' instead of 'specific.' I couldn't handle it."


7."He was over 30 and had Snapchat. Ick."


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8."I ended things with him because he told me he made sangria by combining red wine and fruit punch. I was disgusted."


9."He accidentally bit his tongue and it was bleeding a little. I was grossed out, and never wanted to kiss him or anything else after that."


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10."I dated a girl who started to refer to herself as 'eye candy' all the time. She’d say something like 'Come pick me up, I bet you’d like some eye candy in your vehicle.' I ghosted her shortly after."


11."I found his TikTok. It was cringey dancing. Total turnoff. I just blocked his number."


12."They had weird earlobes, swampy hands, and liked pleated pants."


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13."My poor first boyfriend. His friends called him "polebutt." I asked them why, and they said it was because he walked like he had a pole in his butt. From then on, that’s all I could see, so I started ignoring him."


14."When I was only 15, my boyfriend was shorter than me. I'm tall and love wearing big heels. I couldn't bear the thought of not wearing them again or having him be so much shorter, so I had to finish things."


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15."I dated this girl for three years and things were already rough for the last year we were together. The night before we broke up, I realized that she hadn’t replied to a TikTok I sent her. It wasn’t the reason I broke up with her, but it was the final nail in the coffin."


16."I broke up with someone for wearing an ugly outfit. To be fair, it was a really ugly outfit."


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17."He had a lot of chest hair (which is fine), but he shaved just a little circle around his nipples."


18.And finally, "He couldn't swim! We were tubing the river, and at the one 'larger' rapid, he started to freak out and told me that he couldn't swim. I am not a lifeguard, and we had been drinking, so this felt like important information to know BEFORE we got on the river. I dumped him the next day."