People stunned at learning why bras have multiple hooks at the back

Woman undoing bra
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For many women, fastening a bra is such an ingrained part of the daily routine. However, many will not stop to think about why their bra has multiple hooks on the straps.

Treating yourself to new bra can be quite the delight, and regardless of whether you go for something frilly and fancy or a more straightforward cotton design, you'll find yourself faced with several hooks to fasten. But the purpose of these multiple hooks has got many talking online, reports the Mirror.

One curious person on X, formerly known as Twitter, wanted to know the purpose for the hooks. @coffeekittenttv asked: "Why do bras have hooks in the back, instead of an adjustable strap in the back and/or a clip in the front...? Genuine question."

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They were not alone in questioning the bra hooks, with fellow X user @jmproductionsyt also asking. They said: "This may be a dumb question, but why do bras unhook in the back and not in the front? Like why I gotta bend and twist my arms to blindly reach for the hook things instead of just grabbing the front?"

Some bras do indeed offer front fasteners, but there is good reason for the rear hooks as many revealed online - and it's quite straightforward. @StephBMore said: "I just learned why bras have three hooks on them. You are supposed to wear it on the third and as your bra stretches out, use the middle and first."

@SnapshionSocial also revealed the news to many online. They said: "Ladies, did you know that bras stretch over time? That's why there are three hooks in the back!"

On Quora, one person explained the design practicalities for bras. They said: "Bras have the band under the breast line which give the support to it. If the hooks are in front, it's difficult to get the shape of your breasts once the bra becomes loose. Back hooks bras can be hooked using the extreme end hook and go up to the third innermost while retaining the balance in support."

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