'People think my firework tattoo looks like something rude – I'm freaking out'

Tattoo artist creating a tattoo on a girl's arm. Focus on tattoo machine
One tattoo fan said people think their firework tattoo looks like something rude -Credit:Getty Images/EyeEm

Tattoos of all shapes, forms, and colourful imaginings are seen sported by people these days.

From traditional inscriptions to vibrant artistry and simplistic quotes, our skin has become the canvas for an eclectic range of designs. However, an inked body art can lead to a variety of interpretations, as one tattoo owner found out.

The individual took to Reddit to share the humorous encounter they had after getting a colourful firework design on their arm. While seemingly an image of a luminous pyrotechnic display, it appears to be misunderstood by most as representing something entirely different.

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Talking about the mishap on the platform, they posted: "Please help, I got this tattoo a few months ago. It was meant to be a firework but people keep saying it looks like an anus. How can I make this look more firework like?"

This quirky predicament certainly got the Reddit community chuckling for a variety of reasons. The majority found the comparison outlandish, arguing the ink bore no resemblance to a rear whatsoever.

Most people found the comparison unbelievable, questioning how one could interpret the tattoo in such an unexpected manner. Some even suggested those making such comparisons were merely "joking".

Commenting on the post, one individual quipped: "To be fair - it doesn't look much like a firework either.... That said, I kinda like it. Another amusingly responded: "If their anus looks like this, they should get a doctor to look at it."

A third person chimed in: "It doesn't, but some little sparkles dotted around the edges in the different colours to make the tattoo take up more space would give a more obvious firework vibe. It's good as it is though."

Despite the chatter, most people reassured the individual that their tattoo looked fine. However, some suggested minor tweaks could enhance its appearance.

One person commented: "Definitely not an anus. But I do think it would look a little better if the void in the centre was not so large in comparison to the overall image. If the lines extended inward more I think it might look better. Even if they weren't all aligned in length."

Another offered: "I don't agree with that person at all, but it doesn't really look like a firework either. I'd recommend getting what my tattoo artist calls glitter. Basically, it's just multicoloured dots that are clustered together to look like sparkles. I believe the correct term is pointillism."

They continued: "You could fill in all the space in between with that and then add a glow effect in your choice of colour around the whole thing. If it drowns out the original lines, you could get them thickened with a more vibrant colour. For even more flare, you could add some real simple diamond style stars around the outer area of the main tattoo."