'People think I'm strange for breastfeeding my 6-year-old daughter - I won't stop giving my kids what they want'

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A woman who breastfed her daughter until she was six, claims that she finds people’s criticism of her practices “strange”.

Parenting influencer Sanziana Buruiana was sharing her experience of motherhood on a podcast when she made the honest admission about her parenting methods.

The 40-year-old still breastfeeds her youngest child, Antonia, three, and has only recently stopped breastfeeding her eldest, Izabela when she was six, as reported by What's The Jam.

The influencer continues to breastfeed -Credit:Jam Press

“I don’t stop, I give them until they want to stop,” Sanziana, a former television assistant from Romania, said of her somewhat unconventional parenting style.

“There is nothing to cause harm to them, they are both fine," she claims.

“I find it strange everyone asks me about breastfeeding. No matter what I’m doing people will ask me. It seems normal to me.”

Sanziana said her main motivation is making sure her children have healthy immune systems.

She said: “They will be strong and healthy. It is quite a long time to feed, especially since my second girl arrived and I continued to do so without stopping. There was no break, so when you add up the years it seems like a lot. But they are happy, have good immunity, and don’t catch colds. I think it helps them.”

Sanziana and kid
Sanziana thinks it benefits her kids -Credit:Jam Press

While the benefits of breastfeeding are hotly debated, breastfeeding has long-term benefits for your baby, lasting right into adulthood, according to the NHS.

The NHS claims that any amount of breast milk has a positive effect and that the longer you breastfeed, the longer the protection lasts and the greater the benefits.

The mum-of-two says she breastfed Izabela until she went to school.

Sanziana said: “With the boob, if they have a problem or are in pain, they immediately calm down.

“I think it is like a bandage for them, a relief. I couldn’t imagine what it would’ve been like if I hadn’t breastfed them. It would have been even harder to put them to sleep!”

Sanziana is happy with the way her breasts look -Credit:Jam Press

The NHS recommends giving infants nothing but breast milk for about the first 6 months (26 weeks) of your baby's life.

After that, they advise giving your baby breast milk alongside solid foods for as long as you and your baby want will help them grow and develop healthily.

According to the NHS, breast milk adapts as your baby grows to meet your baby's changing needs, but it is unclear what impact it has if consumed for years on end.