People in Wales think one politician is doing worse than Rishi Sunak

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

People in Wales overwhelmingly believe Vaughan Gething is doing badly or very badly, a poll of more than 1,000 people has shown. The Welsh First Minister's poll ratings are even worse than embattled Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's.

A poll, done by YouGov for ITV Cymru and the magazine Barn, found that an overwhelming 83% of people (excluding don't knows) thought that Cardiff South and Penarth MS Mr Gething was doing either badly or very badly as the leader of Wales' devolved administration. Only 15% thought he was doing well while not a single person out of the 1,017 questioned thought he was doing very well.

The Prime Minister's ratings were only marginally less awful. When questioned between June 27 and July 1, there was one person in Wales willing to tell the pollsters that Mr Sunak was doing a very good job while 16 of them (17% excluding don't knows) said he was doing well. The vast majority (81.7%) said he was doing badly or very badly.

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The YouGov poll shows that the controversy surrounding the Welsh First Minister's decision to accept £200,000 during the Welsh Labour leadership race is showing no signs of abating. Mr Gething has refused to step aside despite losing a vote of no confidence in the Senedd. He and his group face bruising months ahead with no majority in the Senedd to call on and no support from any other party.

Since the no confidence vote, Mr Gething's already low poll ratings have fallen further. The previous YouGov Welsh poll at the end of May had shown marginally better figures.

The polling shows that people have a higher rating of opposition leaders in Wales. A high proportion of people said they did not know enough to rate Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies and Plaid's Rhun ap Iorwerth. But of those who did, some 28% said Mr Davies was doing a good job compared to 71% who said he was doing badly. And more than half (56%) said Mr ap Iorwerth was doing well compared to 44% who said he was doing badly.

A second poll, of 848 adults in Wales, by More in Common found 44% think that the decision to appoint Gething as First Minister was the wrong one, going up from 30% at the end of May to 44% at the end of June. Similarly, the proportion of those who viewed Gething’s appointment as the right decision has fallen from 24% at the end of May to 18% at the end of June.

While the number of people in Wales who think that Vaughan Gething is an improvement on Mark Drakeford has remained stable at 15%, the proportion of Welsh people who think Gething is a downgrade on Drakeford has risen from 15% at the end of May to 23% at the end of June.

Executive Director of More in Common UK, Luke Tryl, said: "Labour will once again become a close to monolithic political force across Wales as the Welsh Conservatives face electoral wipeout in Wales on polling day this Thursday.

"Our polling last month showed it was clear that Labour’s strength in Wales was in spite of, not because of, Gething’s appeal. Over the last four weeks that has become even clearer as Gething’s approval ratings have collapsed and now twice as many think his appointment as First Minister was the wrong rather than right decision.

"His public approval numbers aren’t the only numbers that matter for Gething as he faces a real challenge getting a budget through the Senedd. Welsh Labour will have to reflect on whether keeping the beleaguered First Minister in place is worth the political cost."

A Welsh Labour spokesperson said: "This poll shows exactly what's at stake on Thursday. The election isn't a done deal. If you were planning to vote for one of the smaller parties, you could wake up with a Tory government on Friday. If you want change, you have to vote Labour on Thursday."