People will be able to freeze their heads for £5,000 within a decade, expert claims

Dr. Jerry Lemler, president and CEO of Alcor Life Extension Foundation REUTER/Jeff Topping/File Photo

Until now, the idea of having your head ‘frozen’ after death so that (hopefully) you can be revived in the far future has been outlandish – and outrageously expensive.

But people have done it, including at least one academic in the UK, according to Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees.

In the near future, though, the practice of having a head frozen in liquid nitrogen might become common: with bills dropping to just £5,000 within ten years, according to a leading UK stem cell bank.


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A spokesman for says that the service could soon be ‘cheaper than some funerals’ – and predicted that the fee would cover preservation for 250 years.

Mark Hall spokesperson for said: ‘We’re accustomed to making jokes about freezing heads when we die. But soon we could see this practice becoming commonplace because advances in technology have made it much more affordable.”

“And of course, while we’re not at the point yet where we can bring someone back to life from this procedure, we believe it’s just around the corner.”

‘We don’t yet know what the emotional impact would be of bringing someone back to life this way even when we are physically able to do it. That’s not a question for science but for us as human beings, and it’s a question we might not be able to answer until the first person is brought back to life after being frozen.’