People Who Won A Lifetime Supply Of Something Are Sharing How It Turned Out (And How Long It Actually Lasted)

A little while ago, Reddit user u/LordFrieza8789 posed the question, "Redditors who have actually won a 'lifetime' supply of something, what was the supply you won, and how long did it actually last?"

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And there were so many interesting responses! Here are some of the top-voted answers:

1."My mom almost ate the white M&M that they promoted like 25 years ago. If you found it, you'd send it in and get a lifetime supply of M&Ms. They sent us a voucher pack that almost no store would take. We managed to make it through the lifetime supply in about one month (granted, there were eight siblings). Probably for the best, though."

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2."When I was a little kid, my family and I moved to a new city, and the first or second night there, we decided to try a new Chinese restaurant nearby. We didn’t realize it was the inaugural evening; there weren’t very many customers. Yet the owner waited on us himself, and he was very sweet and friendly. Had just immigrated from China recently. He gave my family a voucher to eat there for free for life since we were one of the few people to actually show up that night. I remember it was a big golden ticket like Willy Wonka's."

"Sadly, the restaurant closed within a year. I always wonder how he’s doing. My family was very poor back then, and we would go there every month, which felt special. I’m sure it wasn’t the greatest Chinese food in the world, but I still remember how the orange chicken tasted."


3."About 18 years ago, we won a lifetime of vet visits (routine checkups) for my cat. They expected to give it to someone with an old pet, not a new kitten. The cat’s still alive. The vet clinic has moved and rebranded four or five times, but they’re still honoring the award."

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4."My father played a game on Teletext back in the day, and he won a lifetime supply of some beer. However, they cheated him and only sent him a party keg. My dad was a programmer, so he wrote a program that played cards for him on Teletext. If the program was about to lose because of bad cards, it quit the channel and logged in again automatically for the next run. The program was playing day and night, and after some weeks, he had won several TV sets, video cameras, cruises, you name it."

"Eventually, the organizer of the game locked my father out, which was illegal. So he sued the company that organized the game and reached an agreement: they paid him an amount of about $10k, and he never played again. So, instead of a lifetime supply of beer, he got a lot of stuff. And this is why I, as a teenager, had my own video camera (which, at this time, was so expensive that people had to lease them)."


5."I won a lifetime supply of mini chocolate milk cartons during a milk day at school. If you opened a carton of milk and it mooed at you, you had to call the number on it and report that you had mooing milk. That was in 2007. I’m still getting milk shipped to me, LOL — my fiancé drinks it because I’ve grown to hate milk."

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6."I won a lifetime of free oil changes for my car. It was during a sale the dealership had where you took a photo with your pet, and the person who most resembled their pet won. I don't know if I should feel happy or concerned about that one. What they failed to mention was that it was lifetime oil changes for the vehicle I had, and I couldn't transfer it to anyone else. So when my dad took over my car loan, they dropped that little tidbit of info on us. It only really lasted me for about two oil changes."


7."I won free full-body massages for life, which basically translated to two massages per week. It was really good. I got addicted. I knew everyone who worked there, and I got to experiment with all of them to see who was the best. I ended up fluctuating between three different staff towards the end. They would even train new staff on me for free because I spent so much time over there. Those training massages never cost me anything either or counted towards my two free massages per week limit."

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8."My parents did. At a fair when I was in high school, they won what was advertised as a lifetime supply of ice cream sandwiches. They ended up giving us 100 boxes all at once. Right there on a warm July day. My mom was only able to collect at the end of the day, so there weren't even that many people to hand them out to. We got home and had about 60 left after giving away as much as possible and throwing out what didn't fit in our freezer. I played lots of sports, so I ate a lot, and my parents said I could eat as much as I wanted, any time I wanted. I went through 60 boxes in a couple months."


9."This happened in the late '90s. A local bar ran a wet t-shirt contest where the woman who won would win a lifetime of free drinks at the bar. They also had cash prizes for second and third place. I don't remember how much, but it was a lot at the time. The result was a packed bar: tons of women entered, and tons of guys spent money. My friend's girlfriend at the time, now his wife, won first place. She was stoked. Within a couple of weeks, the building was condemned and torn down. Turns out, the owners of the bar knew that the building was going to be condemned and just wanted to have one last party."

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10."I won the Cash4Life $1,000 per week lottery about 10 years ago. Every year, I send them proof I'm still alive, and they send me a check for $52,000 in the mail."


11."As a consolation prize for losing on a TV game show, I was given a popcorn popper, a little girl's bicycle, and a lifetime supply of beef stew. I gave the popcorn popper as a Christmas present and sold the bicycle. When the beef stew arrived, it was one case of 12 cans. After trying the first can, I realized that the other 11 would indeed last me a lifetime."

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12."My dad won a lifetime supply of cat food, but they delivered it all at once, and our cats didn’t like that flavor (of course). We donated it all to a local animal shelter that was super pleased!"


13."I won a 'lifetime' supply of donuts (up to a dozen per day) at a local bakery, and it lasted two years until the original owner died and his A-hole son took over the business."

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14."Back in 1977, when I was 13 years old, I won a contest for a lifetime supply of car models from Revell. A semi-truck pulled up to our house in a very quiet suburban neighborhood and proceeded to unload four pallets of plastic models in the driveway. There were hundreds of models, probably one of everything they offered in their catalog at the time. I kept about two dozen, which kept me busy for a year or so."

"My father helped by finding a local retail hobby store to buy the rest of them at a very favorable price so we could just get rid of them. He put the money into US savings bonds for me, which I cashed out many years later to use for a down payment on my first new car."


15."I won free groceries for 'life' at my local grocery store in a raffle. They give me a digital $100 gift card once a month, which is wonderful. However, it doesn't even cover a week of groceries. It will end when the total given has reached $10,000. I've got about $4,000 left."

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16."My stepdad won a lifetime supply of WD-40 in the 1990s. They sent him four 16 oz. cans. He died in 2019, and my mom still has two cans."


17."When I was a kid, I won a contest online that included a 'lifetime' supply of Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape. I don’t remember the exact amount, but I think it was about a dozen boxes of gum. They also sent me a small boom box and hockey jersey with the Hubba Bubba logo on it. I got sick of the gum pretty quickly, and it had a shelf life. A friend and I wound up using it all for a school project where we had to make a model of the town from the book The Outsiders."

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18."My mum won a 'lifetime' supply of Surf, the washing powder. Basically, we got 72 8 kg. boxes all at once on a pallet from some kind of raffle competition. Ended up selling 60 boxes for about £10 each to corner shops and splitting the rest with some family. She didn't have enough room and didn't even remember entering the competition itself. There was also a bunch of washing liquids and stuff from the rest of their range."


19."Before I was born, my father won a lifetime supply of free disposable razors. Growing up, I saw them all the time, and even now, 30+ years later, he still has a full box of them in the garage. Unfortunately, the quality of the razors is pretty terrible, and my father has always had trouble with nicks and cuts. I've tried to introduce him to better razors, like ones that feature a better cartridge, but he's too stubborn to make the switch."

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20."In high school, I called a radio contest and was the 105th caller to call in and answer a trivia question. I answered it right and got a lifetime supply of ice cream, which turned out to be a monthly coupon for a gallon. It continued throughout high school, and then when I went away for college, my parents didn’t keep up with it. That was so long ago; I’m 50 now. It was really fun and exciting at the time, though! I almost wrote my college application essay about it, but my school counselor gently guided me in a better direction."


21."I know someone who won a free-gas-for-life contest many years ago. They get a $100 gift card every month."


22.And finally, "My parents won a lifetime supply of toiletries: soap, toilet paper, and some other stuff. Once per quarter, you mail in the coupon, and they send you another quarter's worth of stuff. It’s all institutional grade. Like, what you’d expect prisoners to use."

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Have you ever won a big supply of something? What was the prize? LMK in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.