Resort Employees Are Spilling The Tea On The Wildest Things They've Witnessed, And, Just Wow

Resort Employees Are Spilling The Tea On The Wildest Things They've Witnessed, And, Just Wow

You might have read about kitchen nightmare stories from people in the food industry or horror stories from retail workers.

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But are you prepared to read stories from resort employees? This week, Reddit user u/ihp-undeleted asked, "People who have worked at resorts, what's the most fucked-up thing you've seen?" Here are some of the wildest responses:

1."This happened at a mountain resort that catered to wealthy hunters. Two rooms decided that walking to each other's rooms was too much of a hassle so they decided to smash a huge hole in the wall that separated them. And the resort was privately owned by a family; it wasn't some big chain."


2."I worked as a cleaner at a resort one summer and there was someone who'd leave poop in a new place every morning. At the golf course, in the pool area, in the service house, etc. A new place every morning for several weeks. They never caught the person. It was the talk during lunch, where was the poop this morning? I was lucky for most of the summer."


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3."I worked at a ski resort for a few years. One guy shit his pants while out riding or on the lift, came into the restaurant to clean up, and left his shit pants on the coat hanger in the bathroom."


4."I worked at a Hotel in Paso Robles that had private hot tubs outside every room and we checked in a couple of squatters. They stayed holed up in the room for several weeks. When they figured out we were onto them and attempting to evict them, they smeared poop all over the walls. We had to call hazmat to clean it and remove all the carpet. Then after that incident, it was the most popular and requested room because it was all remodeled."


5."One time a kid got plastered and tried to climb his way to a neighboring balcony. Unsurprisingly, he fell. It was the third floor and he was fine with some injuries."


6."One time a resort worker found a snake (non-venomous) right outside the resort, which was located in a fairly 'natural,' not highly developed area. He proceeded to pick up the snake by the tail and kill it in front of guests."


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7."I worked at a Sheraton and there was some kind of dentist convention going on. They reserved a conference room for a medical device demonstration. A fellow worker told me to go up and check it out. There were tables arranged in a square, with human heads neatly arranged for, I guess, practicing some sort of new technology. Circa 1985."


8."I worked at a historic hotel when I was on summer break from college and I had to show a room to a guest that wasn’t made up from a previous guest. We told them we wanted to show the room after it was made, but they insisted on seeing it because they had limited time. The room was a mess and had multiple used condoms on the bedside stand and floor. I walked in and threw a towel over one when I saw it and stood awkwardly over the one in the middle of the room as the guests looked around."


9."There were an alarming number of people who would take out the duvet insert and proceed to shit inside the duvet. Never work in housekeeping. It kills you a little bit each day."


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10."I worked at a ski resort and employees weren't allowed to enter through the main doors even if it was the most direct route to where we needed to be. We had to navigate tunnels under the main hotel and pretty much memorize how many turns to take as nothing was really marked. It always managed to unintentionally scare guests of the hotel as you'd suddenly exit from what looked like broom closets into the main parts of the hotel. It felt pretty screwed up to not be treated as humans."


11."I work at all the resorts in Vegas and it never fails to amaze me the amount of wasted food in the conference space. Enough to feed 15,000+ people is thrown away EVERY DAY."


12."I worked in the kitchen of a resort and I also managed the dining hall. We served food buffet style. I watched a mother let her kids “attempt” to serve themselves, as her kid stuck his hand in a container of cheese and then dropped his tray of food all over the floor. The mother said nothing about it."


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13."Witnessed a bartender piss in every glass of champagne for a single table at a wedding. The guys at the table were slapping multiple banquet server bums (mine included) and being obnoxious asshats. Too much money would be risked to ask them to leave."


14."Guy jumped from the second story because he was locked out of his room, and broke both ankles. He was highly intoxicated and there with a group for a convention."


15."February 15, I went into a room to clean it (one night stay), and walked into what I thought was chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup all over the bed. It was in fact a mix of chocolate syrup, something that resembled strawberry syrup, and lube. I found a whip and used toys in the bathroom and $100 with a sorry note on the desk."


16.And finally, "I worked as a lifeguard and found a dildo under a poolside lounge chair when I was cleaning up at the end of the day."


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Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.