Perez Hilton Sparks Controversy With Nude Instagram Photo Of Toddler Son

Perez Hilton is no stranger to controversy and ever since he welcomed his two children, Mario and Mia, he has faced more scrutiny than ever before.

Last year, the US blogger sparked debate after he posted a photo of himself sharing a shower with his then two-year-old son, with some of his fans even unfollowing his social media accounts for the post.

Others fiercely defended Perez, pointing out that nudity between parents and small children was totally natural, even though Perez was visibly wearing swimming trunks in the pic.

Now the star is under fire once again, this time for another photo of himself and his son.

In the pic, which was posted yesterday, Perez is holding a nude Mario upside down as his arm protects the child’s modesty.

Both Perez and Mario are clearly smiling in the playful snap, which Perez simply captioned with “bathtime”, however, it has ignited fierce debate in the comments.

Angry comments, some of which have since been deleted, read: “F*cking weird. You sick f*ck.”

“I’m sorry Perez but I have to unfollow you for posting this, it’s not right.”

“This is very Michael Jackson.”

“An adult male with a nude child, grabbing the child by his genital region…”

However, many of Perez’s fans defended the image, writing: “My dad took a picture identical to this when I was four. He is the greatest dad in the world. From the looks of it, so is Perez. The people thinking this is wrong are the sick ones.”

“For anyone who thinks this pic is creepy or sexual in any way - you all completely creep me out and I would not let any of you around my son! Just sayin’!”

“He seems like a great father and just because her took a picture like this doesnt mean anything nasty, it’s just a quick pic of what his child does before a bath - at least his privates aren’t showing.”

Perez has not commented on the backlash.