Perez Hilton Under Fire For Bathing With His Two Children

Last October Perez Hilton shared a photo of himself having a shower with his son, three-year-old Mario, and faced criticism from Internet trolls who branded the move “creepy” and “inappropriate”.

Erm, did we mention that this was with his own son?

Thankfully the US blogger is no stranger to controversy and tactfully ignored the comments and continued to go about his business.

However, it has all come to a head again this morning after the star shared another photo of himself and Mario bathing together, this time joined by his eleven-month-old daughter, Mia.

Perez captioned the cute family snapshot with: “Los tres amigos! Another framer!” but was quickly inundated with hateful and disturbing messages - despite the fact Perez is even wearing shorts.

One wrote: “I’m sorry but this picture needs to be taken down… That is child pornography.”

Others added: “This is getting weird now…

"You think putting naked pictures of your kids is a good idea on social media?! You are meant to be their protector!”

As with last time, Perez’s fans were quick to jump to his defence, commenting: “OMG some people are sick in the comment section. He is their fathert. Chill, kids are innocent.

"If a woman was holding her naked babies while nude ya’ll wouldn’t say anything! Perez, your love for your children is crystal clear. They are always so happy and you are always filled with pride whenever you’re near them.

"Anyone who thinks this is inappropriate is the one who is gross. They are babies and nothing is showing.”

Perez has once again ignored the backlash and we’re sure that he couldn’t care less about the negative comments.

Photo Source: Instagram