'Perfect every time' rice cooking trick hailed by Masterchef judge Gregg Wallace

Preparing rice
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If you're a fan of having rice with your dinner, you'll know that cooking it from scratch can sometimes be a struggle.

Buying microwave pouches can be great for convenience, but in the long run, you'll save more money by buying a bag of raw grains and cooking it that way - although the consistency is difficult to nail.

According to Gregg Wallace, there's a very simple formula that you can follow which eliminates that watery, sludgy effect. And fans of the Masterchef judge who have tried it for themselves say it works 'every time'.

Sharing his advice on TikTok in a video which has racked up more than two million views and thousands of comments, he said that rice is one of the most popular foods around, with half of the world's population often eating it in their diets. He said: "This is the way to cook it, and once you've mastered that, fabulous."

According to the pro, the most important thing to remember is that for each cup of rice you're cooking, you will need two cups of water in return. So if you're using two cups of rice, four cups of water will be enough for cooking it.

He added his ingredients into a pot and stirred it around before putting it on the heat, adding: "You bring it up to the boil and then you turn the heat down really low, and you put the lid on skew-whiff.

"And you just leave it. It should take around 15-20 minutes. Don't stir it while it's cooking, it'll make it all gluggy."

After the time was up, Gregg showed off his perfectly cooked pot of rice before spooning some into a bowl and fluffing it up with a fork. He added: "Steaming, beautiful cooked rice. You don't need those microwave bags any more."

In the comments, people thanked Gregg for sharing his expertise, with many suggesting their own tried and tested way of cooking rice.

One person said: "First time in my 37 years I have made perfect rice! Thanks for this, I feel posh."

Another commented: "Waahhhhh!! Been cooking it wrong all my life. All over this!!" while a third said: "Exactly how I cook rice and exactly how I taught my daughter and son. Perfect every time."

Suggesting an even tastier way to cook, someone else said: "Exactly how I cook rice and exactly how I taught my daughter and son. Perfect every time.