“Perfect Match” Season 2 Couples Dish on What Went Wrong — and Who 'Ghosted' Who — Before Their Splits

Find out why the season 2 couples who made it to the finale decided to part ways and how it all went down

<p>Netflix</p> The cast of


The cast of 'Perfect Match' season 2

The couples of Perfect Match season 2 are shedding more light on their not-so-perfect endings.

In Netflix's latest installment of the dating show, only five couples made it to the finale out of 25 contestants. Throughout the season's ups and downs, connections are built and a winner was crowned, but sadly, none of the matches are still together today.

On Monday, June 24, some of season 2's fan favorite couples opened up about what happened when cameras stopped rolling and how they decided to part ways in a video posted to Netflix's official Instagram.

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<p>Netflix</p> (L) Chris Hahn and Tolú Ekundare on 'Perfect Match' season 2


(L) Chris Hahn and Tolú Ekundare on 'Perfect Match' season 2

Chris and Tolú

Starting off the carousel of post-show interviews, Chris Hahn (Dated and Related) revealed that he and Tolú Ekundare (The Trust) "kind of parted ways" and "didn't end off on the best terms."

"We were definitely a perfect match so like that was unfortunate how things kind of ended," he explained. "Apparently she heard some negative feedback from my side of things, which is kind of annoying because she didn't really trust what I was saying about everything. She kind of just listened to everyone else."

Tolú, on the other hand, said that she felt like the "curtains opened" on who Chris was after the show. After seeing "the man behind the curtain," she realize she "didn't like" who he was. Chris claimed that the split was a "mutual" decision and the couple decided to part ways after realizing that a long distance relationship wouldn't work between them.

"Chris, you're going to look back at this and realize that you fumbled," Tolú said. "And I hate that for you but I love that for me."

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<p>Courtesy of Netflix</p> Harry Jowsey (left) and Jessica Vestal

Courtesy of Netflix

Harry Jowsey (left) and Jessica Vestal

Jessica and Harry

Jessica Vestal (Love Is Blind) and Harry Jowsey (Too Hot to Handle) connected early on in season 2 and remained matched up until the finale when Jess finally called it quits on their relationship.

Harry told the camera that he believed Jess was "the right person" in the "wrong time and wrong location." He said he believed that their relationship would have been more successful had they met outside the show.

"We gave it a shot after the show. It just didn't work out, but we still have an amazing relationship and I think the world of her," Harry said before Jess corroborated their second attempt at love without cameras.

"We kind of wanted to see what life would be like outside of the show together so we tried that and we did out best and that didn't work. But it was great," Jess continued. "My relationship with him now is pretty nonexistent. There's no bad blood."

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<p>netflix</p> (L) Micah and Kaz


(L) Micah and Kaz

Micah and Kaz

Micah Lussier (Love Is Blind) and Kaz Bishop (Dated and Related)'s relationship is also "non-existent."

According to Kaz, the last message he received from Micah left a lasting impression that "she truly hates me" and she didn't necessarily disagree.

"I think my relationship with Kaz after the show ended was pretty on par with how it was on the show," Micah explained. "It was very quick lived; a rollercoaster. I wouldn't say it lasted long, I don't know if anyone is super shocked by that."

Kaz claimed that the two had an argument after Micah confronted him about allegedly kissing another contestant on the show. During the same conversation, he saw messages between Micah and a season 2 cast member that he wouldn't name on her phone and decided to end things there.

<p>netflix</p> (L) Stevan and Alara


(L) Stevan and Alara

Alara and Stevan

Alara Taneri (Dated and Related) and Stevan Ditter (Too Hot to Handle) made it to the finale but their relationship came to an unexpected end after the show.

"We went on holiday and it was amazing," Alara explained of what went down. "He promised me that we'd be together and we'd get an apartment and then ... yeah, he ghosted me."

When asked for his perspective on their split, Stevan said he "didn't have time to carry on a relationship, let alone one that was overseas." When season 2 concluded, he had to "get back to real world stuff" and said their relationship came at the "wrong time."

"It was hard because I've never been ghosted," Alara confessed. "I don't want to get emotional. I was ready to move to LA or he was ready to come to London and we were looking at apartments."

After Stevan sent a "massive paragraph" explaining himself, she blocked him.

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Christine and Nigel

Christine Obanor (Too Hot to Handle) and Nigel Euro (Too Hot to Handle) parted ways after winning the title of "Perfect Match."

Though Nigel said their current relationship was "rocky" but they were still trying to "figure it out," Christine claimed that their romance was "done."

"I tried to interfere and suggested [we try] couples therapy and just do things that would help the relationship but nothing was just sticking," she explained.

In a second stab at his confessional, Nigel retold his story and claimed that Christine had "broken" his trust and while he could "forgive" he could "never forget." Christine, on the other hand, said that Nigel called her on "no caller ID" before their respective interviews to make sure they were on the same page.

<p>Elys Hutchinson/Instagram/Getty</p> Elys Hutchinson (left) and Bryton Constantin

Elys Hutchinson/Instagram/Getty

Elys Hutchinson (left) and Bryton Constantin

Elys and Bryton

Elys Hutchinson (Too Hot to Handle) and Bryton Constantin (Squid Game: The Challenge) also decided to go their separate ways after the show.

Recalling how their relationship got "a little rocky, fairly quick," Bryton claimed that he saw a different side of Elys that "I didn't get to see on screen." Elys, on the other hand, said that she "very randomly and very unexpectedly" got ghosted.

"Maybe the distance was a factor in it, I was just as confused as anyone else," she continued. "But, you know, things happen for a reason and I think that was a very good thing that happened."

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