“Perfect Match”'s Tolú slams Chris, says they never hooked up: 'I know this man can't f---'

"We were not a couple, we were a match in the show. He's not even an ex," Tolú says.

Perfect Match season 2 did not end happily ever after for one couple. In fact, cast member Tolú Ekundare is speaking out against her "perfect match" Chris Hahn, saying that they were never a real couple and even though they never hooked up, she does "know this man can't f---."

On Wednesday's episode of the After Curfew podcast, The Trust alum Tolú did not hold back while talking about Dated & Related star Chris.

"We were not a couple, we were a match in the show," she says. "That is over, dead, done. He's not even an ex. People keep referring to him as my ex but y'all, we were never, ever dating, ever. We were a match for like two weeks."

<p>Netflix</p> Chris and Tolú on 'Perfect Match'


Chris and Tolú on 'Perfect Match'

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While playing a game of "sip or spill," Tolú revealed that she thinks Chris would be the worst in bed out of all the men on the cast, but is very clear that's just a hypothetical answer because she "never f---ed that man."

"Let's set the record straight: I have never, ever, ever, never had sex with this man," she says. "We ain't did nothing more than kiss, child. I ain't even seen his peen." She later added, "I saw him a little bit when he was taking a shower but I wasn't looking for his penis. I'm very respectful."

Tolú says that she's not like Chris at all, because "he's so hyper-sexual" even though she "don't think this man can f--- at all." She heard him talking on a podcast about "how to make a girl come," and he described what he called the "corkscrew" which involves placing a pillow under the woman's back and then thrusting in all different directions. "What the f---, I know this man can't f---," Tolú says with a laugh. "I just know it. I know you've never made a girl come in your life because what the f--- is the corkscrew? I don't think that man can actually f--- well, at all."

As for why she chose to stay matched with Chris through the end of season 2, she explains that it was because her options were very limited. "Let's be real, I was in a house of himbos," Tolú says, adding that Harry Jowsey would call Chris "Lord Farquaad" in the house.

Tolú also claims that because there are three weeks of filming condensed into just 10 episodes, "there are more things that happen that you don't see than you do see," like the fact that she wanted to leave the show multiple times and wasn't the "puppy dog" waiting around for the men to pick her like the episodes portray. She reveals that she actually told production she wanted to leave after the mixer, and that she didn't want to match with any of the men.

"Y'all put me in a house with 11 men, zero of whom genuinely have interest or attraction in me," she says. "I don't want to continue being the last choice, last option. I don't want little Black girls that look like me, or little brown girls that look like me, to look at the TV and see themselves in me and see themselves constantly being picked last. I don't want to give that representation."

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Tolú says that a producer she liked ended up convincing her to stay for the rest of the experience for that same reason: representation. She ended up picking Chris because she could see herself going on a trip with him (since the prize for winning the show isn't money, it's just going on a vacation together).

"Even though he's a f---ing dumbass, at least I know who he is — the devil you know is better than the angel you don't," Tolú says. "I know this devil. I know his ins and outs. He's not the brightest bulb in the chandelier but there's a little flicker there that I can work with, I guess... If I win, I'm not going to go on a trip with a stranger. So I'm going to stay with this fool." (Ultimately, Christine Obanor and Nigel Jones were declared the winning couple instead.)

But Tolú reveals she asked Chris a lot off-camera what he was doing and what their deal was, and he claimed to like her and that he cried while telling her that he made a mistake by flirting with Xanthi Perdikomatis. Tolú decided to continue the experience with him, and after they didn't win, they had to spend three days at the resort together to film promos for the show. "He was like, 'I really do want to give this a shot,'" Tolú says. She remembers a time when he was drunk and crying in the hotel about how he's about to be 30 and doesn't know what he's doing with his life, but claiming that he did "really like" her.

"I'm a sucker for tears, I won't lie," Tolú says. "And I always believe that a drunk man don't tell no tales, so okay, he's drunk, he's being vulnerable. I will accept him for that." She says he wanted to keep in contact with her after filming ended and would text her, but when she would reply, he took four days to respond to her. She finally texted him that he's "a piece of s---," "I hope it was all worth it," and he sent her a long message to which she didn't respond.

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"I didn't have an option in the house. Now when we're outside, there's 8 billion people in this world," Tolú says. "You think I'm going to sit here and play these games with you, settle for you? You are not the prize."

She says the next time she saw him after that text exchange was at a party when she moved to Los Angeles, and he mispronounced her name again (she says she had to "correct this fool" on how to say her name "a million, billion times"). He asked her, "How do you want to play this?" in regards to what their relationship is when the show came out. "I was like, 'Play what? Are you insinuating that I should sit here and pretend like we're together?'" Tolú says.

She says her ego and self-confidence took a hit after filming ended after constantly being the last pick, and she doubted herself. "I had to take a moment to re-evaluate, fall back in love with myself," she says, and reveals that she's single now.

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