A permanent jewelry artist shares the 3 biggest mistakes people make when getting welded bracelets

  • Permanent jewelry can be welded onto the body without a clasp so that it cannot be removed.

  • It has become a trend for people to get matching welded bracelets with loved ones.

  • A permanent jewelry artist says you should consider three common mistakes before getting one.

Permanent jewelry is a recent trend that involves having a bracelet, anklet, or necklace welded onto your body without a clasp so that it cannot be removed.

Welded bracelets are particularly popular, with many people opting to get matching bracelets with friends, partners, or loved ones.

But there are three mistakes people often make when getting this type of jewelry, according to Lauren Grant, founder of welded bracelet studio B51 Boutique, based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Be cautious when getting matching bracelets

Grant's studio in Glasgow has a variety of metal chains to choose from, including sterling silver, 14-karat gold filled, and 14-karat rose-gold filled. Clients also have the option to add charms to their bracelets, such as angel numbers, birthstones, or initials, which she said many people choose as a tribute to a loved one.

welded bracelet studio
Chains and charms are photographed at B51 Boutique.Mikhaila Friel/Insider

One of the most popular trends is matching bracelets. But some people don't spend enough time considering the cost or the person they're getting the matching bracelet with, Grant said.

Many of Grant's bracelets are under $50, however, there are some studios that charge more than $100. She said clients should keep affordability in mind and they should ask themselves if they would still be willing to wear the bracelet if they end up falling out with the person it matches with in the future.

"Young people are going to have that scenario. I guess it's part of being young," Grant said. "But just make sure that when you get a bracelet with somebody, you can afford to spend £35 if you turn around and say, 'I can't stand them anymore.'"

Try to avoid getting permanent jewelry abroad

There are permanent jewelry studios in major cities around the world, including New York City and London. Grant said it's becoming more common for people to get welded bracelets while on vacation. But they should consider what could happen if their new jewelry becomes broken or damaged after they return home.

She added that her studio once repaired a welded bracelet that a client had gotten while on vacation in NYC. However, many studios wouldn't be willing to fix a bracelet if it isn't their own, and people should research studios in their local area to see if the option is available, she said.

Thinking of the bracelet as 'forever' could lead to regret

Although they're mostly known as permanent bracelets, Grant said she refers to them as welded bracelets because she doesn't want to encourage the idea that they couldn't break.

Just like regular jewelry, they have to be taken care of in order to have a long shelf life.

mikhaila permanent bracelet
The author getting a permanent bracelet at B51 Boutique in Glasgow, Scotland.Mikhaila Friel/Insider

"They are welded on, and if you keep it on forever, great, but nothing's forever," she said.

She added that the likelihood of a bracelet becoming broken or damaged depends on the person's lifestyle. For example, if you're "going to a mosh pit every weekend," it's likely that your bracelet will be at a higher risk of becoming broken.

Correction November 1, 2023 — An earlier version of this story misstated the types of silver and gold sold in Grant's studio. It sells sterling silver, 14-karat gold filled, and 14-karat rose-gold filled jewelry, and not silver, gold, and rose gold.

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