Perri Kiely offers Tyler West a spot in Diversity - if he wins Strictly

Diversity could get a new member if Tyler West wins 'Strictly' credit:Bang Showbiz
Diversity could get a new member if Tyler West wins 'Strictly' credit:Bang Showbiz

Perri Kiely has joked that Tyler West can become Diversity's receptionist - if he wins 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The Radio DJ has scored highly on the BBC One Latin and ballroom show, and should he lift the glitterball trophy with dance partner Dianne Buswell, the dance troupe want to "cash in on him".

Speaking to at KISS FM's Haunted House Party, Perri said: "If he wins there’s a place, we’ve got to cash in on him."

He then quipped "It’s an investment, we’ve just opened our new Diversity studio so we can make him a receptionist!"

One body expert believes Tyler's "closeness" to Dianne will see him go far in the competition.

Darren Stanton recently told the Express: “Tyler has been working hard and has a fantastic relationship with his partner Dianne.

"There is always a physical closeness between them and it’s clear they have struck up an amazing friendship, which will last no matter how far they go in this series.

"Tyler comes across as a humble guy and, like many of the other contestants, shows a clear determination and focus.

"It seems as though Tyler is taking the competition week by week, instead of focusing on the end result."

Meanwhile, Tyler has insisted his biggest rivals in the contest are himself and Dianne.

He told "My biggest competitor, I would say ourselves because we just want to do the best that we possibly can. So every single time we're going to train and it's just us against us.

"I love everybody else on the show and everybody else is doing so good in their own couples and stuff."

Though he does have an "ongoing rivalry" with 'EastEnders' star James Bye.

He added: "Me and James have an ongoing rivalry but that's because he's my bestie and we've moved into the same arrangement. So he likes to think that he takes over sometimes but he's alright."

On tonight's (29.10.22) episode, Tyler and Dianne will be doing a Cha Cha Cha to 'Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)' from 'Beetlejuice'.

Halloween Week kicks off at 6.50 pm on BBC One.