Persona 3 Reload confirms The Answer is coming as DLC

persona 3 reload trailer, aigis
Persona 3 Reload confirms The Answer as DLCSega / Atlus

Persona 3 Reload has confirmed 'The Answer' epilogue is coming to the game as downloadable content.

The much-requested remake of the cult classic RPG launched last month and has been popular among both critics and fans. However, perhaps the biggest complaint raised was the absence of 'The Answer' and the female protagonist from later versions of the game.

This week's Xbox Partner Preview revealed that the epilogue featured in Persona 3 FES is being remade and coming to Reload in September.

Titled 'Episode Aigis', a trailer for the DLC showed a first look at Metis at Iwatodai Dormitory.

persona 3 reload, metis
Sega / Atlus

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The main characters are also back. In the aftermath of Persona 3's ending, the SEES members find themselves in a time loop, unable to escape March 31.

The gameplay shows Aigis taking centre stage as she and the rest of SEES explore a dungeon called The Abyss of Time.

'Episode Aigis' is the third wave of Persona 3 Reload's expansion pass.

Wave 1, out on March 12, sees the release of BGM sets with music from Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden.

'I Believe', 'Life Will Change', and 'Blooming Villain' are among the P5R tracks being added. The Junes theme is included with the P4G set.

persona 3 reload, velvet costume set dlc
Sega / Atlus

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Wave 2, out in May, is the Velvet Room costume and BGM set. You can enjoy multiple remixes of 'Battle Hymn of the Soul' while dressing your party members up as if they were residents of the Velvet Room.

However, there are no signs of the female protagonist being added.

In our review of Persona 3 Reload, we said that the remake was "the best way to play Persona 3 for the first time".

We also argued that the omission of the female protagonist route stopped it from being the definitive version of the game.

Persona 3 Reload is out now on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Game Pass.

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