Peru’s Congress Rejects Impeaching Boluarte Over Rolex Scandal

(Bloomberg) -- Peru’s Congress rejected two impeachment motions against unpopular President Dina Boluarte on Thursday, who is navigating a criminal investigation over illegal enrichment and a political scandal over her use of Rolex watches.

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Left-wing blocs had filed impeachment motions against Boluarte, but ultimately fewer than the necessary 40% of lawmakers voted in favor of admission.

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Peru is notorious for impeaching and firing presidents, having cycled through six leaders since 2016. Boluarte herself ascended to the presidency when her predecessor was impeached and arrested.

But Boluarte, who lacks congressional representation, has been savvy in forging alliances with conservative blocs that put together have a majority in congress. Just on Wednesday evening, a majority of lawmakers voted in favor of confirming a new prime minister and cabinet nominated by Boluarte.

Congress is just as unpopular as Boluarte, with identical 9% approval ratings according to a March poll by Ipsos. Boluarte has denied wrongdoing but failed to explain how she came to acquire expensive jewelry she was unlikely to be able to afford. She has said she will serve out her term until July 2026, alongside congress.

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