Pet 'pocket Bully' dog traps child in its jaw after she fell over in garden

Generic image of an ambulance -Credit:jamesmitchell
Generic image of an ambulance -Credit:jamesmitchell

A young girl has been mauled by her pet 'Pocket Bully' dog.

The girl, who is under the age of 10, had been playing on her own in the garden at her home in Maltby, Rotherham, just before 6.40pm yesterday evening (Thursday, May 9). After she fell over, the dog has ran over and began biting her head.

The child's mother raced to free the girl from the dog's jaw and immediately called 999. Dog Legislation Officers arrived at the house soon after and the dog, a 'pocket bully' breed was signed over to police.

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Fortunately, the girl's injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. Chief Inspector Emma Cheney said: “Please remember all dogs can be aggressive and should never be left unsupervised with children.

“A dog’s instinct to protect itself is to bite and follow their innate drives. Parents should ensure children learn to respect a dog’s space and be encouraged to have boundaries around feeding and resting times.

“An incident like this is a stark reminder that regardless of a dog’s nature, or previous interactions with children, other dogs and people, dogs can act out of character and cause serious injury and harm. Take action now and protect your children.

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