Pete Davidson jokes about Kanye West ‘pulling a Mrs Doubtfire’ to get back into the family home

Pete Davidson has joked about Kanye West – who is the ex of his current partner Kim Kardashian – disguising himself to get back into the family home.

During a newly released clip from his standup set at the Netflix Is A Joke festival, which took place at Los Angeles’s Fonda Theatre on Friday 29 April, Davidson commented: “Does anybody else secretly hope that Kanye pulls, like, a Mrs Doubtfire?”

The Saturday Night Live cast member added: “I come home one day and he’s like, ‘What’s up fam?’”

The joke plays on the 1993 film, in which Robin Williams’s character dresses up as an elderly British woman in order to convince his ex-wife, played by Sally Field, to hire him as a nanny.

Since Kardashian filed to divorce West, the rapper has made multiple public appeals to the reality star to get back together. Davidson’s feud with West has seen the rapper burying a cartoon version of Davidson alive in the video for his track “Eazy”.

Davidson also made another previously reported joke about West at the event, which was his first stand-up show in three years.

“I had an Aids scare this year,” he said. “‘Are you sharing needles? Are you doing heroin? Are you having tonnes of unprotected sex?’”

“No, Kanye told me I had Aids. And he’s a genius, so I was like, ‘Oh, f***’. I was like, I better call my doctor. The guy who made College Dropout thinks I have Aids,” he said, referring to a rumour from earlier this year that suggested that West was making comments about Davidson’s health.

Kanye West (PA Wire)
Kanye West (PA Wire)

“I actually got checked, ‘cos I was like, maybe he’s right, I don’t know,” continued the comedian. “So a doc told me I don’t have Aids, I just look like I have it. So it’s a completely different thing.”

Davidson went on to say that the accusation was such a “Nineties” thing, adding: “John Mulaney called me. He’s like: ‘Aids? You should spread a rumour that he has polio.’”