Pete Davidson walks off stage after being heckled

Pete Davidson has walked off stage mid-set, after being heckled.

The comedian walked off stage during a show on his Prehab Tour.

Hecklers in the audience at the Steelhouse Omaha in Nebraska were reportedly shouting and taunting him during the set, before refusing to let him finish his last joke.

Audience members reportedly shouted out the name of the Saturday Night Live star's ex-girlfriend, "Ariana Grande!" with Pete telling them to "shut up".

Those in the crowd told how the situation got worse throughout the show.

"This communication created a domino effect from crowds seated in the upper floor while he tried to interject, stating he wants to finish the last joke, which was sure to be absolutely worth it," one audience member said on Reddit.

"Between the collective shouting and Pete demanded he tell the final joke then consequently where he held his hands up, dropped the mic, walked off and lights was probably all of ten seconds."

Another crowd member told Page Six, "I was there and it was so s**tty. He was so close to being done and we lost out on a great ending to a great show because people suck."