Peter Andre feeling confident about turning 50 after finally finding ‘the right balance’ in life

Peter Andre says he’s feeling good as he approaches turning 50  (Peter Andre)
Peter Andre says he’s feeling good as he approaches turning 50 (Peter Andre)

Peter Andre says he is looking forward to turning 50 in February as he feels like he is in a good place in his life.

The Mysterious Girl singer, 49, was famed for his rippling abs when he first burst onto the music scene as a teenager, and while he still likes to stay in shape, he won’t go to the same extremes he once did.

Speaking to the Standard, he explained: “I do think it’s mostly women who feel the pressure to look young, but men and women in showbiz can feel pressure especially with social media and filters. But honestly, I found that I put the pressure on myself to look good when I was younger - I was always training! I don’t put that pressure on myself now though, and I’ve got the right balance. I’ve realised it’s okay to eat what I want some days and eat healthy and train on the others.

He went on: “It’s all about the balance and I’m just loving that in my life right now!”

Part of this change included embracing a flexitarian lifestyle which sees him swap out meat for plant-based meals up to three times a week.

He first partered with Beyond Meat earlier this year and is doing so again to inspire others to follow by his example this January AKA Veganuary, and swap out their meat and stock up their cupboards with plant-based products instead.

The Australian star, who is married to doctor wife Emily, will also host a #FirstStepBeyond cooking contest to win a luxury two night weekend cooking plant based with him that’s running online and through social media.

In addition to celebrating his milestone age in 2023, it’s a big year for him both professionally and personally.

He will be celebrating 30 years in showbusiness with a number of events and stage shows throughout the year, beginning in March.

The proud dad-of-four’s eldest son Junior turns 18 and he’s confident that the fledgling singer who he co-manages is heading for the big time, vowing: “2023 is definitely going to be his year”

Peter Andre predicts that 2023 will ‘definitely’ be son Junior’s year (Getty Images)
Peter Andre predicts that 2023 will ‘definitely’ be son Junior’s year (Getty Images)

Daughter Princess will also be leaving school after taking her GCSEs in the summer and he’s keen to see the 15-year-old continue her education.

Writing in his column for New magazine, he said: “Princess went back to school and was like ‘Dad, I can’t do this.’ It’s her GCSE year, but I told her the time will fly past and she just needs to stay focused.

“She loves fashion. She has a beautiful voice and maybe eventually that’s what she’ll do. But I don’t think she’ll do it yet.”

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