Peter Andre and wife Emily finally decide on baby girl's name after month-long struggle

Peter Andre shares intimate pic of Emily moments before she gave birth and fans say she looks flawless
Peter Andre and wife Emily have decided on a name for their baby girl -Credit:Peter Andre/Instagram

Peter Andre's wife, Emily MacDonagh has finally revealed their baby girl's name, nearly a month after giving birth. The famous singer and his wife, who is a doctor in Taunton, have had difficulty finding the right name for their newborn daughter but have now finally made a decision.

Sharing adorable photos of their infant daughter, Emily let her 578k followers know that they had settled on the name Arabella for their baby, saying: "It's taken a while but after lots of deliberation we've finally decided. Arabella Rose Andrea. It's taken a while but after lots of deliberation we've finally decided."

Her announcement was met with a lot of support from her followers, one of them commented: "Beautiful," and another said: "Stunning name."

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Before deciding on Arabella, the couple admitted to having some difficulty coming up with a name. Peter disclosed they had affectionately been referring to their daughter as 'Bubba,' in the meantime, reports Wales Online.

Last month, he shared with his 1.9 million followers that both Athena and Charlie were potential choices. Using his own words, "Athena is also in the running. Not sure how Ems feels about it but I LOVE it."

He also responded to another fan by stating: "Charlotte is also in the running. I like Charlie."

Following Peter's revelation to his fans that they were struggling with naming their baby as the registration deadline approached, he shared a video last month holding the newborn and expressing his love for Emily and their baby. In that video, he said: "The love I have for our baby is one thing. The love I have for Emily is another love altogether.

"What an incredible mum she is and what a truly beautiful gift she has given us. We all love bubba so much. And she STILL has no name."

Peter showed great enthusiasm for Welsh names and when the name Seren - which means 'star' in Welsh - was recommended, he said: "I love that!"

Already a proud dad to Amelia, 10, and Theo, seven, from his marriage to Emily, and Junior, 18, and Princess, 16, from his previous marriage to Katie Price, Peter welcomed his fifth child, now named Arabella, on Tuesday, April 2.