Peter Andre's new baby STILL hasn't got a name

Still no luck on that Peter Andre baby name, folks.

Emily MacDonagh and Peter Andre/PA Photos
Emily MacDonagh and Peter Andre/PA Photos

The Aussie singer and his wife Emily MacDonagh just won’t be rushed when it comes to choosing a name for their new son.

The little lad was born on November 21st – and it’s looking ever more likely the poor sprog will exit 2016 without anything to call him by.

In fact, 43-year-old Peter has revealed that he’s already discarded several names in a bid to come up with one that sticks. He dropped some serious hints that he liked Oscar or Arthur a few days ago – but it seems his other half wasn’t very keen.

Anyway, naturally he’s been busy discussing the whole affair with his followers on Twitter.

Get back to the nappies, Pete!

Peter Andre/PA Photos
Peter Andre/PA Photos

“Loving so many names James Theo (Theodore) Benjamin. All the other ones I loved the kids don’t like haha,” he said.

“how’s no name :),” another fan joked, to which Pete replied: “No names buzzin.”

“We’re nowhere near choosing a name yet,” the couple admitted last week in New! Magazine. “We have so many we like, but every time we go to sat it, it doesn’t stick.”

Oh, come on!

The Insania singer went on to reveal that he can see the family resemblance in No Name – and the kid looks much more like him than the couple’s two-year-old daughter Amelia.

“It’s hard to tell who he looks like, but he does look different to how Amelia did when she was born,” he said. “I think he looks more like me.” One fan wrote on Twitter: “I’m hoping baby Andre looks like you,as that’s extra special for you.xx.” His reply: “Poor thing looks exactly like me.”

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh/PA Photos
Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh/PA Photos

Anyway, let’s hope they get this poor kid something for people to call him by SOON.

Although personally we’re beginning to like ‘No Name.’