Peter Andre's wife Emily praises amazing Taunton midwives

Peter Andre's wife Emily praised midwives in Taunton
Peter Andre's wife Emily praised midwives in Taunton -Credit:Instagram

Peter Andre's wife, Emily, has shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her baby daughter as she praised midwifes around the country. The doctor, 34, who gave birth to Arabella Rose in April in Taunton, posted the photo, which was taken shortly after the tot was born, on International Day of the Midwife.

Captioning the picture, in which Emily smiles adoringly at her bundle of joy from her hospital bed, she paid tribute to her "amazing team of midwives" who had 'looked after her so well'.

Commemorating the important day, she wrote: "I wanted to mark International Day of the Midwife by taking the opportunity to give a huge thanks to the amazing team of midwives who have looked after me so well during my pregnancies, births and postnatally. Today is a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate the wonderful work done by midwives across the country. The picture is just after Arabella was born and although I'm a third time mum, I honestly felt like I had forgotten everything I was meant to be doing - especially with feeding.

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"The midwives at Musgrove Park Hospital and my lovely community midwife were so helpful and understanding, talking me through it and making me feel like no question was silly! I was also looked after so well during my pregnancy by the lovely team at East Surrey Hospital. Thank you to everyone, you all do a fantastic job."

Emily's post was warmly received by many of her followers, including her husband, Peter, who replied with six heart emojis. The Mysterious Girl, star, who also shares son, Theo, and daughter, Amelia, with Emily, was elated to become a father again. However, he has also been dealing with the difficulties of not being able to visit his mum, Thea, in Australia, who is living with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Thankfully, the proud grandmother met the newborn over a video call, with Peter revealing he calls his mum and dad almost every day. "It's amazing what technology offers these days, allowing families to keep in touch," he wrote in his column. "When Princess and Junior were younger, the only way they'd really see their grandparents was if we travelled over there."

Peter Andre

Explaining he doesn't want to leave his wife and Arabella yet, he continued: "I don't feel right to leave Emily and the baby just yet to go over and visit, but this way it feels like they're in the room and allows my parents to see those important first moments." Writing in OK!, he added: "And they love the name Arabella, which in Greek is pronounced Arvela."

In early April, Peter took to Instagram to share a video of Junior and Princess with Thea who was relaxing in a chair as her two grandchildren sat beside her.

Praising the pair for flying across the world to be with the 88-year-old, he wrote: "Junior and Princess. The fact that you drove to Somerset to be with us hours before and the days that followed to see the arrival of your baby sister, AND THEN to get on a plane and travel 12,000 miles to be with your grandmother in a very difficult time for her shows me what beautiful children you are. I will never forget this moment."