Peter and Emily Andre's baby name announcements amid important decision for third child

Emily and Peter Andre on the red carpet
Emily with her husband Peter Andre (Getty)

Peter and Emily Andre are currently in a baby bubble following the arrival of their third child who came into the world on 2 April.

Whilst the loved-up couple, who are also doting parents to Amelia, ten, and Theo, seven, have shared a handful of snapshots of their new bundle of joy, Peter and Emily are yet to unveil the name of their third child.

In a post shared to Instagram on Wednesday, Peter, 51, did nonetheless reveal a sweet nickname for their newborn daughter. Alongside a sweet clip of doting dad Peter cradling his little girl, the singer referred to his tiny tot as "bubba" writing: "The love I have for our baby is one thing. The love I have for Emily is another love altogether."

pregant woman in hospital with husband
Peter and Emily welcomed their third child on 2 April (Instagram)

He continued: "What an incredible mum she is and what a truly beautiful gift she has given us. We all love bubba so much. And she STILL has no name. Like I say at the end, 'I'm a dab hand at this………maybe.'"

The couple have nonetheless somewhat narrowed down their choices, with a fleet of names cropping up as potential monikers. Beneath a recent Instagram post, one follower suggested Athena and Ophelia, to which the dad-of-five replied: "Athena is also in the running. Not sure how Ems feels about it but I LOVE it."

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Another suggested the moniker Charlotte, which is also on the list of choices. "Charlotte is also in the running. I like Charlie [heart emoji]," said Peter. Elsewhere, Peter agreed that Sydney was "beautiful", while the name Summer was "nice".

Peter and Emily Andre posing in a holiday selfie
Peter and Emily tied the knot in 2015 (Instagram)

As the couple continue to decide on a name for their newborn, join HELLO! as we take a look at all of Emily and Peter's baby name announcements.


Lovebirds Peter and Emily welcomed their first child on 7 January 2014. The couple took a while to pick a name for their newborn, with Peter announcing their chosen moniker nearly a month after their baby's arrival. Announcing the news on X (formerly known as Twitter), the TV star said: "Ok FINALLY we have a name for our beaut of a baby girl. Ems, J, P and I have decided on Amelia :)))) So lovely fans before you read it anywhere else here it is. Love ya."

Theo and Amelia admiring horses in a field
Peter and Emily welcomed Amelia in 2014 (Instagram)

Before settling on Amelia, Peter explained how the couple had narrowed it down to four traditional monikers, with Amelia being the frontrunner. During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross show, Peter said at the time: "We have four names. Maybe you can help me out actually. We had Rose. I love Rose because it's English and beautiful. Amelia, beautiful name. Elizabeth. Alexandra. So these are the four names that we've been throwing around. I love them because they are English and they are beautiful."

He continued: "The baby came three weeks early. Then we looked at each other and I said, 'We haven't got a name,' so we started calling her Rose, but she wasn't a Rose."


Emily and Peter welcomed their second child on 22 November 2016. At the time, Peter confessed that he and his wife struggled to find the right name for their child. Speaking to New! Magazine, he said: "We're nowhere near choosing a name yet, though. We have so many we like, but every time we go to say it, it doesn’t stick. I love names like Oscar and Arthur but Emily's not so keen."

mother holding son on lawn
The couple welcomed Theo in 2016 (Instagram)

After two weeks, the couple reached a decision, with Peter announcing the news on Twitter. Sharing the joyous news with his followers, he penned: "Theo it is then. Or Theodore James Andre (a) to be precise."