Peter Kay is planning a 'Phoenix Nights' film


Peter Kay may have been keeping out of the spotlight in recent months, but Phoenix Nights fans could have cause for celebration as the comedian has said there could be a film version in the works.

The sitcom about a Bolton working men’s club was a huge hit during its two series which aired in 2001 and 2002, with many viewers desperate to see it make a return.

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Kay wrote the show and starred in it as club boss Brian Potter, and had some exciting news for fans at a charity screening to mark the 19th anniversary since its launch.

In a pre-recorded speech, Kay said: “People always ask, ‘Will there be more Phoenix Nights?’ and I can now confirm there won’t — but I am thinking of a film.”

Although many will have been sad to hear there will be no more regular visits to The Phoenix Club, the prospect of a film is definitely something to look forward to.

Back in 2015 comedian Paddy McGuinness, who starred as the club’s bouncer, said of a film: “That’s not happening, let me tell you. Not that I know of . . . I’m probably not in it.”

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Kay also explained in the footage that he had researched his hit sitcom by spending lots of time in the clubs of Bolton with a tape recorder in his pocket disguised as a pen.

He said: “Every 45 minutes I’d say, ‘I’m going for a slash’, turn the tape over and come back. In one place, someone asked for a pen and I was terrified they’d drag me over a desk with this cable.”

Back in December 2017, Kay cancelled a stand-up tour owing to “unforeseen family circumstances” and has been out of the public eye since April 2019, although he was pictured with Cannon and Ball backstage at a panto in Crewe at the end of December.