Peter Phillips and His New Girlfriend Harriet Sperling Attended a Polo Match Together

Peter Phillips has a new romance! Queen Elizabeth's oldest grandchild is dating Harriet Sperling, an NHS nurse and freelance writer.

Phillips and Sperling made their public debut last month at the Badminton Horse Trials, to cheer on Phillips's sister Zara Tindall.

peter phillips harriet sperling
L-R: Peter Phillips, his daughter Savannah, and Harriet Sperling.Chris Jackson - Getty Images

This past weekend, they made their second appearance as a couple at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire. A fellow attendee told Hello, "As they arrived at the polo, Peter was introducing Harriet to some of the guests, but she seemed to know quite a few people, so she's clearly been on the scene a little bit. They had a table where they had lunch and were joined by Peter's daughters, Savannah and Isla, and Harriet's daughter. The girls had obviously been on the fun fair and were sitting on a massive shark plushie that they'd won, it was all very relaxed."

Who is Harriet Sperling? Here are five facts to know about Peter Phillips's new girlfriend:

1. Her maiden name is Sanders.

Sperling was born Harriet Eleanor Sanders in 1980 to Mary Elizabeth Hoskins and Rupert Hugh Sanders. She has three siblings: Nicholas (b. 1975), Louisa (b. 1976), and Rebecca (b. 1986).

2. She's an NHS nurse.

According to an online bio, she is a Paediatric Nurse Specialist for the NHS. "She is passionate about early brain development in babies and seeing children thrive," the bio notes.

3. Sperling is a single mom.

"In the earlier years of my journey as a single mother to my daughter, resources were scarce, and the future was uncertain. Yet, in the absence of material security, I discovered the strength and life that comes from true selfless love. A love that is able to be solely devoted to your child," she wrote in an essay in Woman Alive under her maiden name, Harriet Sanders. No information is available about her ex-husband.

She continued, "My daughter and I journeyed 10 years with only each other. I liken us to an island and it has often felt hard to imagine anyone joining that island... The unique relationship between a single mother and her child is forged in the fires of struggles and victories. It’s a bond characterised by a love and survival against the odds."

4. She's outspoken about her Christian faith.

In the same Woman Alive essay above, she writes about her relationship with God and her faith. "It is often tough parenting alone but although there is a stigma to endure, God is able to step in and turn it for good," Sperling writes.

Elsewhere in the essay, she says, "As a Christian, I see this bond as a reflection of God’s unwavering love for us. It teaches us about sacrifice, about the depth of love that is costly and willing to give without expecting anything in return. This journey has deepened my faith, teaching me to trust in God’s plan and to find strength in his love."

5. She has a private Instagram account.

Sperling is online at @harrietsperling, but her account is private.

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