Petrol prices: How to find the cheapest fuel near me

Petrol could hit 200p a litre in the coming months. (PA)
Petrol could hit an average of 200p a litre in the coming months. (PA)

The price of filling up the average family car has crossed over £100 for the first time and some are warning petrol could cross over to £2 a litre in a matter of weeks.

Figures from data firm Experian show the average price of a litre of petrol at UK forecourts reached a record 182.3p on Wednesday.

Just over two weeks ago the average price of petrol crossed over 170p for the first time, which means if growth carries on at the same rate it could cross over the 200p mark in mid-July.

The average price of a litre of diesel on Wednesday was 188.1p.

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Pump price of unleaded petrol over time in the UK. (PA)
Pump price of unleaded petrol over time in the UK. (PA)

Many forecourts are already selling petrol and diesel above £2 per litre.

Pump prices began to soar after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February led to oil supply fears.

How to find cheap petrol near me

Price comparison website PetrolPrices said around 50 sites on UK motorways or major A roads are charging 202.9p per litre, but there are a few places in the country where prices are below average.

PetrolPrices finds the cheapest petrol prices all across the country.

It gets some of its information from special analysts but it also collects information from its users who report the price of petrol.

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Some forecourts are already charging 200p a litre. (PA)
Some forecourts are already charging 200p a litre. (PA)

You have to make an account to access their website or app, but once in you can search by city or postcode for the cheapest prices near you. also provides a similar service where you just need to enter your postcode for them to present the cheapest prices near you.

You can search once a day without an account or unlimited times with an account.

How to save fuel when driving

With fuel prices so high there are several things you can do to improve your miles per gallon.

  1. Empty your boot. Using your boot as a storage cupboard can mean you're carrying around a significant amount of extra weight which is one of the biggest contributors to fuel economy.

  2. Maintain your vehicle. Making sure your vehicle is in working order will improve its efficiency, particularly important is keeping your tires inflated to the correct psi.

  3. Use the highest gear possible. If you're driving a manual try and keep in the highest gear you can to use less fuel.

  4. Accelerate slowly. Acceleration uses the most amount of fuel out of any activity and putting your foot flat to the floor will use the most of all, spend an extra few seconds reaching the speed limit.

  5. Anticipate your speed. Following on from that try to not lose momentum, instead remain at a steady speed only using as gentle breaking and accelerating as possible.