Philippe Clement Ross County handshake dodge earns 'not having it' admission from ex Rangers star

Gordon Dalziel insists he's "not buying" Philippe Clement's excuse for not shaking Don Cowie's hand after Ross County's win over Rangers last weekend.

The Ibrox manager rushed up the tunnel the moment the final whistle blew in Dingwall after his side fell to a damaging 3-2 defeat to the Staggies in the title race. It was an awkward moment captured on camera by Sky Sports with fans quick to point out the indiscretion on social media.

Clement clarified the situation by claiming he simply had to move quickly to be sure he remembered what message he wanted to deliver to his players after the loss, but on Superscoreboard, Dalziel wasn't having any of it.

"I thought it was poor if I'm being totally honest," he said. "You leave yourself open especially after a defeat. Everybody noticed it, everybody noticed he went right down the tunnel. Okay he came back, Don Cowie had no problems shaking hands after. But I think if you're the Rangers manager and he's come in with a lot of pats on the back for what he's achieved, he deserves it and has turned the club around, but he sets the standards.

"I'm not buying into, 'Well I had to go down and get prepared', it was a two-second situation. He left himself open, and he's come in for a bit of criticism - not just from other fans but from Rangers fans - because he's got to set the example there. I thought it was poor, I've got to be honest."