Philippe Clement told the excuse Rangers CAN'T use for stars 'buckling' under relentless Celtic title pressure

Rangers manager Philippe Clement
Rangers manager Philippe Clement -Credit:SNS Group

Rangers boss Philippe Clement has been told he can't lean on tiredness as an excuse for "buckling" under the pressure of the title race.

The Light Blues couldn't find a way through a robust Dundee side who claimed a point that could be priceless in their own chase for Europe - but has dealt a hammer blow to Rangers’ hopes of being crowned champions of Scotland at the end of the campaign. Celtic sit three clear at the top after 33 games played each.

The manager insisted post-match his team did give him the reaction he was after but just lacked a cutting edge. However, angry Ibrox diehards have questioned if the club are really up for the fight with Brendan Rodgers' side, while some believe fatigue is setting in with five games left. But former Hearts' star Stevenson could only see one real reason for the sudden slump.

Asked if the title race was now over on BBC's Scottish Football Podcast, Stevenson said: "I was just expecting Rangers blow Dundee away, but you see it every year. Some teams just buckle under the pressure. I think you can see now that the pressure is weighing on Rangers quite heavily.

"I think they're obviously three points and they have to go to Celtic and goal difference is in Celtic's favour, so it's going to be difficult given the damage the last two results have done. When they wake up this morning they will think about the damage - especially last night.

"You expect Rangers to go to Ross County and win, but it can happen. The manner of the Dundee game, you're thinking whether someone can take the game by the scruff of its neck. You are going for a title here, you Rangers and you are going against Celtic - somebody just take the game by the scruff of the neck. It just petered out."

Pressed on if it was nerves or if the squad were tired, the Record Sport columnist clapped back: "There's no way tiredness can come into it, these guys have to the best of everything. They've got the best recovery, the best sport scientists. That's not an option. Guys on building sites are tired, footballers are not tired.

"These guys are going for a title, and when it comes down to it you could see the pressure - last night and on Sunday - for some of the players it was just too much. Maybe they don't have the experience of the title race, of being that close and having that chance. A lot of the fans are going expecting Rangers to win and a lot of the Celtic players have been in that position before. The pressure has maybe got to them just a bit too much."