Philosopher Achille Mbembe: 'We humans have reached a dead end'

In a world driven by economic markets, and increasingly by digital and technological innovation, are we losing a sense of ourselves and a sense of solidarity with other living things? Renowned philosopher Achille Mbembe reflects on these issues in his new book "The Earthly Community". He joined us for Perspective to tell us more.

Philosopher Achille Mbembe has a reputation for challenging how we are living our lives: the way the world is increasingly driven by market economics and capitalist economies, as well as where technology and digitisation is taking us.

In his latest book, "The Earthly Community", he looks at the way we’re living, how we're co-existing with nature and the ecosystem, and how humans have perhaps lost a sense of solidarity with all other living things. The Cameroonian philosopher also suggest there is a possibility for a "last utopia".

He spoke to Gavin Lee on Perspective.

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