Photo bought for £7 at flea market ‘shows Billy the Kid and could be worth millions’

Rob Waugh
Billy the Kid and his killer Pat Garrett together

A photo unearthed at a flea market in North Carolina could be the only known image of Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid with his nemesis Pat Garrett, and potentially worth millions.

Frank Abrams bought the tintype photograph – an image on sheet metal – at a flea market near Asheville in North Carolina for just £7.

When he watched a documentary about Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid, he thought that one of the men in the photo might be Pat Garrett, the man who shot him.

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Garrett shot Billy the Kid in 1881 when he was Sheriff of Lincoln County in New Mexico – the two were previously close friends.

Abrams then spoke to Robert Stahl of Arizona State University, along with other experts, the BBC reports.

‘Only known photograph discovered’ of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett together

Facial recognition and handwriting experts have said it probably is a picture of Billy the Kid and Garrett.

Abrams said that he had previously had the picture hanging in a room which he rented via AirBnB.

He said, ‘I’ve never put a price on it. My interest is in the history.’