Is this a photo of the famed park-haunting 'demon dog'?

A woman named Stephanie Smith was snapping photos of some 19th century architecture in Roundhay park in Yorkshire and didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

But after examining her photos more closely at home, she noticed a dark figure in a shadow in one of the pictures.

And by brightening up the image, you can see very clearly what appears to be an animal, which she says wasn't there when she took the photograph.

"It took me a moment to figure out what it was but once I could see the head, ears, tail, and legs, there was no mistaking it was a demon dog", Smith said about the surreal photo.

But before you discount her story as just a ghost... dog... story there are tales that some Yorkshire parks are haunted by a large black dog called the gytrash.

"The gytrash is usually taken as an omen that something bad's going to happen to you or to someone you know so I'm shocked that I've got a photo of it", she went on to say.

Does it look like a demon dog to you? Take a look at the video above and decide.