Photo of 'ghost' within ruins at Scots cemetery snapped by unwitting visitor

An amateur photographer noticed something spooky after developing his photos from Largs
An amateur photographer noticed something spooky after developing his photos from Largs -Credit:Motorbiker1985/Reddit

A photographer's visit to an old Scottish cemetery took a spooky turn after he checked the pictures he took during his day trip. Back in Autumn 2016, Reddit user Motorbiker1985 spent some time at Douglas Park in Largs with his wife.

Using an old Rolleiflex camera, he took a number of pics during their day out. But when M1985 developed the FOMA 400 film at home and digitalised it using an Epson scanner, he noticed something creepy.

The Redditor, who is originally from Czechia but lives in North Ayrshire, turned to social media after spotting what appears to be a ghostly face within the window of an abandoned stone hut in one of the images.

A ghostly face can be seen within the old stone hut
A ghostly face can be seen within the old stone hut -Credit:Motorbiker1985/Reddit

Speaking about the photo, he wrote: "Most people I know who have seen it say it is very interesting, that is why I posted it online.

"Some see various expressions in the supposed face on the photo, some try to explain, however any explanation I have heard so far can be easily countered with various arguments."

When some people were quick to claim it was a fake, potentially using double exposure - a technique where two images are layered on top of each other to come together in one picture - M1985 hit back.

He highlighted that the leaves on the tree in the picture haven't moved, which they likely would have if double exposed, and said that it would have been extremely tricky to only add a silhouette of a face in the second exposure if it had been faked.

A close up of the face.
A close up of the face -Credit:Motorbiker1985/Reddit

Quashing the idea that it could have been a real person within the ruins of the building, the amateur snapper said, if that were the case, the face would have appeared more solid. He then produced the negative of the photo, which also shows the silhouette, in a further bid to appease the sceptics.

Admitting that he didn't feel anything supernatural at the time, M1985 said: "I will stay away from commenting on what is in the picture - I just took the photo. But I gladly welcome any relevant arguments as I'm truly interested in an explanation from as many people as possible.

"I think every picture like this can only benefit from proper examination and debate. I do not hold beliefs, religious or otherwise. I see everything on the basis of probability.

The negative also spookily shows the face.
The negative also spookily shows the face -Credit:Motorbiker1985/Reddit

"For example, when I was younger I always believed in the Ebu Gogo legends - tiny wild people living on an Island in Indonesia, and when I was in my teens, their remains were discovered by scientists on Flores and are now classified as Homo Floresiensis. So in a way, I don't rule out even improbable things."

Many Redditors in the comments pointed out that it appears to be a woman's face. And one user that lived locally even headed to Douglas Park in a bid to try and capture the phenomenon - but without success.

Paranormal expert and author of Ghosts Caught on Film, Gordon Rutter, said: "It's an interesting picture, doesn't seem to match up to other images of the area. It's a shame the photographer didn't take more images at the time from different angles."

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