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9. Shabana Azmi-Javed Akhtar

Lyricist Javed Akhtar and actor Shabana Azmi have been one of the most vocal and socially active couples of the industry. Shabana, well known for her characters in both commercial and parallel cinemas, tied the knot with Javed in 1984. This was Javed's second marriage. He was married to Honey Irani before this. Javed and Honey had two children-Farhan and Zoya.

10 most famous Bollywood second shaadis

It is said that marriages are once in a lifetime, but what if you didn't

get it right the first time. Why not give it a second chance?


Saif-Kareena wedding has been the talk of the town these days and often

mentioned in those talks is the fact that, it is Saif Ali Khan's second


Here is a look at some of the successful, controversial and

most talked about second marriages of Bollywood.

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