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Liquid meals: Liquid meals such as smoothies and nutrient-rich shakes allow you to get all the essential post-exercise nutrients in just a few gulps, making this the perfect way to provide your body with essential nutrients in the one hour post-exercise recovery period. Most people find the thought of a big meal daunting after exercise, so topping up on essential muscle-repairing nutrients in liquid form is a quick and easy way for your body to access these useful nutrients. Plus, the faster these nutrients enter your body the more successful you will be in building muscle and recovering from your workout.

Foods to boost your workout

When it comes to working out, food impacts upon your performance in

different ways, and we all want to get the most from our hard work. We

present you with seven foods that enhance your performance to make your

workout worthwhile. So whether you go running as a hobby, or you’re a

hardened athlete, here are our seven suggestions to enhance your


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