Pic of the Week: Can you spot the illusion in this graffiti scene?

Marisol Carvajal Barrera

We asked Londoners to send in photographs they have taken that capture what London means to them. And we have been amazed by the results so far.

From images of the capital's iconic landmarks to the incredible people inhabiting our great city, the range of work we have received has been extraordinary.

In homage to it, Future London's Culture City select a Pic of the Week: a photograph which we feel highlights what our fantastic capital is all about.

This week's picture was sent in by Marisol Carvajal Barrera.

(Marisol Carvajal Barrera)

It is a snapshot of graffiti on a London wall; a look at how creativity is expressed through the very foundations of our city.

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Central to the picture is a boy, who appears to be affixing an artistic poster to the brickwork. Look closer, and you see it is an illusion – the boy is part of the art itself.

"London is a vibrant place, it has a lot of unrestricted and unlimited culture where every citizen can reflect their own art," Marisol said of her picture. "Harmony in the chaos!"

If you would like to be in with the chance of seeing your image selected for our Pic of the Week, send in your hi res images of London to: culturecity@standard.co.uk or post them to Instagram tagged #ESCultureCity

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