Picard star addresses big change from Next Gen

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Picard star addresses big change from Next GenGary Gershoff - Getty Images

Star Trek: Picard season 3 leans into expletive territory thanks to "the freedom of being on a streaming network", believes Commander William Riker's Jonathan Frakes.

The sci-fi epic is of course a product of Paramount+ (in the US, whereas UK fans catch it over on Prime Video), and during Digital Spy's exclusive chat with the actor, we pointed out the latest season's sweary scenes involving Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his crew – a huge departure from The Next Generation.

"It's the freedom of being on a streaming network," Frakes said. "And I think it's quite natural for people to swear and I'm very pleased that we're not limited in the language we can use."

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Aside from the pleasures of cussing, the star also weighed in on the Picard cast's feelings towards reuniting almost 30 years on from The Next Generation.

"I think the concept is that we hadn't seen each other and that it would be, we'd have to catch up. [But in real life] we have a group text and we've been friends for 35 years, and we're like a family," he explained.

"So we have a lot — we see each other all the time, we work together, we do the conventions together, we communicate, we have drinks and have dinner and lunch together. So it was, we just happened to be caught on set again.

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"It felt as if we had been gone for the weekend," Frakes fondly remarked.

"So there was a great familiarity in our shorthand, working shorthand, professional shorthand, and our personal shorthand."

Star Trek: Picard airs on Paramount+, and UK viewers can also see the show on Prime Video.

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