Pictured: Luxury homes left dangling off cliff edge after landslide

Recent storms in the California region have put cliffside houses in peril
Recent storms in the Californian region have put the cliffside houses in peril - Mario Tama/Getty Images North America

Three mansions in southern California have been left dangling off a cliff after a landslide.

‌The houses at Dana Point have been declared safe by city officials, despite appearing to be on the verge of toppling into the sea, with one balcony protruding over the edge.‌

California has had heavy rain in February, leading to a landslide sweeping away much of the cliff.

‌Footage on US media shows mounds of dirt and rocks have cascaded down the slope, coming to rest on the beach below.‌

Nevertheless, the local authority insists there is “no imminent threat” to the homes, which are valued at millions of dollars each.‌

Tons of cliffside rocks and dirt fell to the beach below during the landslide
Tons of rocks and dirt from the cliff have fallen to the beach below - Mario Tama/Getty Images North America

Mike Killebrew, the Dana Point city manager, said: “The city’s geotechnical engineer and a building sector went out to the site to assess the situation, as well as talk with the homeowner who owns the residence and slope where the failure occurred.”‌

“Currently the city has confirmed that there is no imminent threat to that home.”‌

One homeowner, Lewis Bruggeman, 82, said he had no intention of moving.‌

“The house is fine, it’s not threatened and it will not be red-tagged,” he said. “The city agrees that there’s no major structural issue with the house.”

An aerial view of the mansions still standing after a portion of the cliffside tumbled to the Pacific Ocean
An aerial view of the mansions after a portion of the cliffside tumbled to the Pacific Ocean - Mario Tama/Getty Images North America

‌However, Kyle Tourjé, an executive at a Los Angeles engineering firm, warned that Mr Bruggeman’s property needed “major, major work” to stabilise it.

‌Future storms and rains would “continue to eat away at the slopes”, he told the Washington Post.‌

The three homes are estimated to be worth approximately $15.9 million (£12.5 million), $14.1 million (£11.2 million) and $12.9 million (£10.2 million) each, according to real estate company Redfin.