In pictures: Hundreds of animals evacuated from shelters damaged by Hurricane Ida

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While many Louisiana residents are still without power following August’s category 4 hurricane, abandoned animals are suffering too.

Hurricane-battered animal shelters have had to find new homes for their residents following damages caused by the catastrophic storm.

In the wake of Hurricane Ida, volunteers from animal shelters across Louisiana and Mississippi are partnering with Wings of Rescue, a charity that evacuates at-risk shelter pets from disaster areas.

While the US grapples with the environmental impacts of Hurricane Ida, volunteers have focused on saving our four-legged friends.

Founded in 2012, Wings of Rescue is a charity dedicated to airlifting shelter animals from environmental disaster zones.

The charity's founder Ric Browde tells Euronews that in the wake of Hurricane Ida, they have moved 598 pets including 396 dogs, and 202 cats across four flights, with another flight scheduled later this week.

If you'd like to contribute to Wings of Rescue's work, you can do so here.

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