'When life still carried on!' Amazing 1941 colour pictures show defiance of the Blitz

Following a series of terrorist attacks in 2017, after which Brits refused to be cowed, many have made comparisons to the ‘Blitz spirit’ of defiance during the Second World War

The Blitz involved a relentless campaign of bombing raids over Britain carried out by the German Luftwaffe during 1940 and 1941, killing 43,000 civilians. Many of the raids were concentrated on London as the Germans targeted industry and civilian centres but Londoners carried on with their daily lives, working around the rubble.

These incredible photos showing scenes of endurance among the carnage, are the work of Royston Leonard, a Cardiff-based electrician who colourises black and white images as a hobby.

“The Blitz was a very hard time when life still carried on around the country,” said Mr Royston.