In pictures: Prisoners complain of 'torture' due to disgusting living conditions

New photos released in a report by HM Inspectorate of Prisons this morning show horrific living conditions for UK prisoners.

Surveying inmates around the country, the report found in some cases, international human rights laws were being breached when it came to cell sizes and free time.

Prisoners described their circumstances as ‘torture’ while others complained of the lack of privacy.

‘It’s torture for both people, stealing, disturbing, bullying, taking stuff.’ One prisoner said. ‘Everything in each other’s company – washing and dressing. It only causes stress on top of stress.’

‘No matter how compatible people may appear, when they are in a confined space for a lot of time you get friction over the smallest things,’ another reported, ‘plus you have the problem of one snoring, staying up later watching TV, bad habits or even how often somebody is using the toilet. Occasionally it is good for company but I myself far prefer my own space, it really does help to relieve my stress.’

Others were angry with fact they had to share with people they did not know.

‘Being forced to share a single cell with strangers, whilst also having to use broken, uncurtained toilets; eat ones meals in this environment; and sometimes being locked up for over 20 hours a day is not respectful or humane.’

‘All prisoners in here should be in single cells as you don’t know who you’re living with or told about them and the cells are far too small and you don’t get any privacy in them or you should be told about your cellmates first and double cells should be a lot bigger than these tiny cells, thanks.’

A few said they enjoyed the company and support of a multi-occupancy cell, but this view was a definite minority.

The pictures above are from a variety of prisons around the UK.

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