Shocking pictures show mangled wreckage of Ferrari after schoolboy, 13, killed in horror crash

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
The Ferrari F50 was pictured mangled and surrounded by broken fencing after the accident (PA)

These pictures show the mangled wreckage of a high-performance Ferrari after a horror crash that resulted in the death of a 13-year-old boy.

The £1.2m supercar, that was being driven by Matthew Cobden, 39, ploughed into a fence post when he allegedly lost control of the vehicle.

Schoolboy Alexander Worth, of Kings Worthy, Winchester, was declared dead at the scene after the car launched into the air and flipped over.

Damage to the wheel was clearly visible (PA)
Schoolboy Alexander Worth was killed when the Ferrari smashed into a fence post (PA)

Pictures taken after the accident, that happened in August 2016, show the wrecked car lying on a patch of grass with clear damage visible and bits of fencing strewn across the ground.

Cobden, of Long Lodge Drive, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, is on trial at Winchester Crown Court, accused of causing the death by careless driving.

Thomas Wilkins, prosecuting, said that Cobden, who runs a storage business for classic cars, had been moving the £1.2 million Ferrari when he was approached by Justin Smith, the partner of Alexander’s mother, Arabella Worth, who was delivering a battery.


He asked for a photograph of the teenager with the Ferrari and the defendant offered to give the youngster a ride in the car.

They then drove off without seatbelts along the quiet farm road with good weather conditions and visibility, Mr Wilkins said.

Mr Wilkins said: “Alexander died when the defendant’s car drove off the right-hand side into a long fence post which launched the vehicle into the air, flipping it and turning it through 270 degrees.

The catalytic converter of the supercar was used as evidence in court (PA)

“No other vehicle was involved and the prosecution say that the fatal incident was caused by a simple driver error – in other words, Mr Cobden’s driving fell below that required of a careful and competent driver.”

He added: “When asked afterwards how the incident happened, the defendant described that shortly before he had put his foot on the accelerator and the vehicle just took off uncontrollably.

“He doesn’t say he experienced any difficulties with the car prior to that point and there is ample evidence the car was in good working order earlier that day.”

Matthew Cobden denies causing death by careless driving (PA)

Farm owner Duncan Janaway raced to the scene and found Alexander lying seriously injured with Arabella “distraught” by his side.

He said: “There was blood on him. I phoned 999, Alexander did not appear to be breathing so I started CPR.”

Cobden denies causing death by careless driving and the trial continues.