Piers Morgan apologises to Ariana Grande for cruel comments following terror attack: 'I misjudged you'

Piers Morgan has done the right thing and said he is sorry to Ariana Grande for slamming her reaction to the Manchester terror attack.

The Good Morning Britain host made a massive u-turn last night and apologised to the pop star after he criticised her for flying straight home to Florida following a bomb at her concert that killed 22 people and injured dozens of others.

Piers Morgan has back tracked on his comments about the 23 year old pop star (Credit: Rex/Instagram)
Piers Morgan has back tracked on his comments about the 23 year old pop star (Credit: Rex/Instagram)

The TV star and motormouth infuriated her fans when he shared his thoughts on Ariana’s reaction to the horrific attack at her show.

Dragging fellow singer Katy Perry into the mix – after she praised Queen Elizabeth II for visiting the injured who are recovering in a number of hospitals in Manchester – Piers said it “might have been nice” if Ariana had stayed in the UK and done the same.

He added: “I expected her to stay, visit and comfort her wounded fans and relatives of those who died.”

But Piers had the good sense to take back his cruel remarks after the 23-year-old chart topper returned to Manchester, with a string of fellow megastars in tow, to host a spectacular One Love benefit concert for the city.

Liam Gallagher, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, the Black Eyed Peas and Pharrell took to the stage and the 52-year-old presenter couldn’t deny that Ariana put on a ‘magnificent’ show at the Emirates Old Trafford cricket ground.

What’s more, he seemed genuinely sorry when he tweeted a series of messages as he watched the gig on the telly.

When the singer stormed the stage, in front of the 60,000 strong crowd, Piers praised her for the inspiring concert and her show-stopping voice, writing: ‘I thought Ariana Grande was wrong to fly off after #ManchesterAttack. But tonight she’s putting on a fabulous show.’

He went on: ‘I’ll say this too about @ArianaGrande- she has a cracking voice. By far the best vocal performance tonight…’

He added: ‘I misjudged you, @ArianaGrande & I apologise. You’re an admirable young woman & this is a magnificent night. Respect.’

Good on you, Piers.

He ended with: ‘2 weeks after ISIS bomb a pop concert, a bigger & better one’s held in same city. What better way to say F**K YOU?’


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