Piers Morgan blasts Meghan for ‘Kardashian’ behaviour

Piers Morgan has said he feels no guilt “whatsoever” about the rift between the Duchess of Sussex and her estranged father

Thomas Markle’s relationship with daughter Meghan was put under strain after he conducted a series of media interviews about her, including with Morgan on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

However, the TV star said he does not feel any responsibility for the breakdown of their relationship, and also criticised the duchess for “ghosting” him after she met the Duke of Sussex.

He also criticised the couple after royal accounts revealed millions of pounds were used to refurbish their home in Windsor.

He told LBC: “I feel very sorry for Thomas Markle. I had a bad experience with Meghan Markle, I’ve talked about it a lot.

“I just think she’s a, I’m afraid, she’s a bit of work, drops people as soon she gets someone more important in her life and it’s just my experience.

“Having known what my experience was, I then look at the way she treats her family, none of whom were at the wedding, dumps her father, dumped her first husband, and dumps everybody who is no longer of use to her. It’s not a good look.

“Maybe I’m wrong about her. Maybe we’ll be back here in 20 years’ time and she’s turned out to be a fantastic member of the royal family, but there are a lot of worrying signs.

“Not least doing up their house, £2.5 million cost to the taxpayer. That’s the behaviour of a Kardashian, not somebody who married into the royal family, so they’ve got to be careful.”

The Duchess of Sussex
The Duchess of Sussex (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Asked if he would visit Meghan if he was invited, he said: “I wouldn’t, no. I wouldn’t see her.

“I was of use to her when it suited her. I was conned by her, I thought she was nice, I thought she was a nice person.

“I loved (TV show) Suits, got to know her and the other guy on Suits – he came on Good Morning Britain, Rick Hoffman, who played Louis Littman on Suits – he dumped me like a sack of spuds too, at her behest, the moment she meets Harry.

“I put her in the cab to meet Harry, never heard from her again, she met somebody more important and that was it, gone, bang, ghosted.”