Piers Morgan drops shock marriage proposal to Susanna Reid

Piers Morgan gave Susanna Reid quite the shock on Good Morning Britain today as he proposed to her live on air with a £1 engagement ring.

Morgan opened today’s show by revealing that he’d made a rare visit to Poundland.

Pulling out a small red box, he said: “They’ve decided to bring in £1 engagement rings.

“I just thought that if the world is about to end, it is that moment when you turn to the one you secretly love…”

He then turned and presented the ring to Reid who, wearing a far from enthused expression, replied: “You have a funny way of showing it.”

Morgan continued: “And you present her with… what more could a woman want than a £1 tinny little ring from Poundland? To show the real depth of my feelings for you.”

Reid then told Morgan to “talk to the hand,” prompting him to burst into laughter.

“I’m not being funny and I don’t want to denigrate Poundland…” he added. “This is some of the worst tat.”

Charlotte Hawkins pointed out that the idea was to use it as an an initial ring and then let your partner choose a proper one.

Morgan then quipped: “If I had given this to my beloved one when I proposed, my beloved one would have taken this and thrown it at the Eiffel Tower.

Morgan and Reid had their latest of many rows yesterday over Gillette’s controversial new advert campaign, which showcases examples of negative masculinity.

The pair took opposing views as Morgan slated the advert for being anti-masculinity and claimed that a similar campaign aimed at women would make “all hell break loose.”

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