Piers Morgan ridicules Meghan Markle over cancellation of Netflix series

Watch: Piers Morgan mocks Meghan Markle over cancellation of Netflix series

Piers Morgan has seized the opportunity to ridicule Meghan Markle over the cancellation of her upcoming Netflix animated series, calling it, "a whole new level of humiliation."

The Duchess of Sussex had been developing the children's series Pearl, as part of her and Prince Harry's exclusive deal with the streaming service, but it has been reported that the project has now been dropped.

Morgan said on his TalkTV show Uncensored that the Royal couple may be "subtly discovering that maybe the rest of the world isn't quite as excited by their self-righteous brand of their pious, hypocritical, money-grabbing, virtue-signalling, royal-bashing, as they are."

The 57-year-old former Good Morning Britain presenter deadpanned: "I don't believe in cancel culture so I was obviously distraught to learn that the woman who cancelled me has now been cancelled herself.

"Netflix has shelved the production of Pearl, an animated series developed by Meghan Markle and Sir Elton John's husband David Furnish.

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Piers Morgan and a picture of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Piers Morgan has ridiculed Meghan Markle over the news her animated series has been dropped by Netflix. (Getty Images)

"It was about a 12-year-old girl inspired by influential women. Apparently, it was based on her own very inspiring rags to Royal riches story. Sadly, nobody at Netflix shared my inspiration."

He added: "Concern is now mounting that their whole £100m deal might now be in jeopardy.

"None of this brings me any pleasure. Especially after the failure of her nauseatingly patronising children's book, The Bench.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at The Invictus Games in The Netherlands
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Archwell Productions has a multi-year deal with Netflix. (AP)

He added: "Let's face it, when the world's wokeist production company axes the world's wokeist project by the world's wokeist celebrity, that's a whole new level of humiliation.

"I wish Meghan, sincerely, all the very best at this difficult time."

Morgan quit ITV breakfast show Good Morning Britain in March 2021 over comments he made about Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Piers Morgan walking out of the GMB studio in March 2021.
Piers Morgan quit Good Morning Britain over his comments about Meghan Markle. (ITV)

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Morgan, 57, accused the Duchess of Sussex of lying during the interview.

The former tabloid editor has been open about his dislike of Markle since her engagement to Prince Harry was announced in 2017. Morgan claims she befriended him when she was an actor and then shunned him once she entered into a relationship with the prince.

When she published children's picture book The Bench - based on a poem she wrote for Prince Harry on his first Father's Day - Morgan branded the book ludicrously inappropriate" and hypocritical.

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