Piers Morgan defends himself against accusations he mocked Chinese language on 'Good Morning Britain'

Piers Morgan has defended himself against criticism for mocking a Chinese TV commercial on Good Morning Britain.

The GMB host was discussing the Queen's grandson Peter Phillips starring in a Chinese advert for Jersey Fresh Milk. The ad shows the Queen’s eldest grandchild, and son of Princess Anne, speaking Mandarin via a likely dubbed voiceover.

As the clip played – showing Phillips speaking Mandarin – Morgan, 54, mimicked the sound of the Chinese voiceover, saying “ching chong chang”.

The presenter later defended his actions on Twitter saying the target of his mocking was a “member of the British royal family” not “Chinese people”.

Former footballer John Barnes tweeted in response to Morgan’s comments on air saying “Just saw @piersmorgan on GMB mocking Chinese people on the way they speak, what are the odds he faces no criticism for it...” prompting Morgan’s reply.

Peter Phillips in the commercial (Credit: Bright Dairy & Co)
Peter Phillips in the commercial (Bright Dairy & Co)

Co-host Susanna Reid, 49, said at the time: “Taking the mickey out of foreign languages is rather 1970s."

Morgan hit back: “I don’t know the Chinese... People are more worried about me trying to mimic the Chinese language than a member of the Royal Family trying to flog milk.”

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Some viewers reacted on social media banding the TV presenter “shameful” and “offensive”.

One tweeted: “How can #gmb justify having a grown man mocking Chinese dialect How offensive can one person be in 2020!!! #growup #offensive #shameful.”

Another wrote: “Little bit offensive there Piers. The 1970's called, they want thier Chinese stereotype back. Moron. #gmb

One branded him a “dinosaur”, while another GMB viewer even called for ITV to sack him over racist behaviour.

Another said: “Oh @piersmorgan you're digging yourself a hole man. Why are you mocking the Chinese language on live tv?? Tut tut #GMB”

Within three hours of Morgan’s remarks broadcast regulator Ofcom said it had already received 10 complaints.

This is just the latest accusation against Morgan of inappropriate behaviour.

Last week he came under fire for telling weather presenter Laura Tobin she looked “hot” and “sexy” in her tight fake leather trousers.

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Morgan accused Tobin, 38, of not dressing appropriately for a weather presenter and said: "When a female presenter parades herself in skintight leather trousers to do the weather, you are going to get people going, ‘Wow’.”

Piers Morgan mocked the Chinese language live on air (Credit: ITV)
Piers Morgan mocked a Chinese language advert live on air (ITV)

Morgan then accused: "You deliberately wore them to get people to notice, all of you wear clothes hoping they will get noticed. If I call you hot, why is that offensive?"

Reid, 49, replied: "Because people don't want to be objectified at work,” and accused her co-presenter’s comments of being “slightly creepy".