Piers Morgan says ISIS bride Shamima Begum should go 'f**k herself'

Chris Edwards
Piers Morgan says he has no sympathy for Shamima Begum. (PA/Getty Images)

Piers Morgan has launched a scathing attack at ISIS bride Shamima Begum, telling her to go and “f**k herself” as she attempts to return to Britain.

The Good Morning Britain presenter made the comments about Begum in his Daily Mail column, also taking aim at her US counterpart Hoda Muthana.

He wrote that the 19-year-old should “rot in hell” after marrying the “the world’s worst terrorists” and that neither of them should be allowed to return to their home countries.

“They have sex with them, they breed with them, they cook for them, they clean for them, they love them and they worship them,” he wrote.

“And while they’re doing all this, their husbands are busy raping, torturing, stoning, beheading and murdering people.

“These ISIS brides are as unspeakable as those hideous women who write love letters to notorious serial killers in prison.

Shamima Begum wanted to return to the UK to give birth to her child

“They have no thought or care for the poor victims of their despicable monsters – they’re just excited by the murderous brutality.

“Now, predictably, they both want to return to the safety of their original countries and live at OUR tax-payer expense.

“To which I say, and excuse my language here but sometimes it’s entirely appropriate: Go f*** yourselves.

“My message to both these brides, and any others like them, is this: You made your ISIS husband beds, now you can rot in hell in them.”

Begum fled to Syria at the age of 15, but last week she stated in an interview with Sky News that she wanted to be let back into Britain so she could give birth to her child. She has since given birth to the baby, but the issue of her potential return to the UK has caused widespread debate.

EastEnders‘ Danny Dyer recently weighed in as an unlikely commentator on the issue, arguing that she should be allowed back into the UK and that she must have been “lost within her soul”.

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