Piers Morgan's TV comeback splits opinion as Ricky Gervais and Amanda Holden make cameos on TalkTV show

Watch: Ricky Gervais introduces new Piers Morgan TalkTV show Uncensored

Piers Morgan made his return to TV last night with the launch of Piers Morgan Uncensored on new channel TalkTV - but viewers were divided over whether they were pleased to see him back, or unimpressed.

The controversial broadcaster stormed out of the Good Morning Britain studio in March last year after a row with Alex Beresford over Meghan Markle and later quit.

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He also handed over his ITV chat show Life Stories to Kate Garraway recently, but the debut of Rupert Murdoch's new TV channel on Monday evening saw Morgan back on screens.

In trailers for the show, Morgan promised to "annoy all the right people", but many of those tuning in were also annoyed - while others welcomed him back to interviewing and commentary.

Donald Trump on Piers Morgan Uncensored Talk TV (Talk TV)
Donald Trump on Piers Morgan Uncensored. (Talk TV)

Ricky Gervais and Amanda Holden were also among the celebrities making cameo appearances in Uncensored with videos wishing him luck.

Gervais said: "The producers of Piers Morgan's new show contacted me and asked me if I'd like to be a guest. I said definitely not.

"They said would you mind doing him a quick video wishing him luck? I said do I have to mean it? They said no. I said good luck."

Piers Morgan has launched a new show on TalkTV. (TalkTV)
Piers Morgan has launched a new show on TalkTV. (TalkTV)

Holden added: "Piers Morgan Uncensored - sounds like you might take your pants off or something. Please don't do that."

Morgan was pleased with his show debut, tweeting: "Amazing reaction to the launch of @PiersUncensored! Thanks so much for all the fantastic feedback. It’s a marathon not a sprint but couldn’t be prouder of the team for producing such a brilliant first show."

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However, one viewer replied: "It was basically GB News but with people you've heard of, though that will probably change as the cupboard runs bare. A poor, amateurish production. I won't be watching again."

Someone else agreed: "Pound shop GB NEWS channel."

Another person wrote: "I'm getting tired of hearing Piers Morgan shouting..."

Someone else added: "Piers Morgan’s TV Talk debut was a big disappointment. All bluster and exaggerated claims about his own greatness. Definitely not Morgan at his incisive best."

Piers Morgan takes his departure following his appearance on Sunday Morning at the BBC Broadcasting House on January 16, 2022 in London, England. Sophie Raworth, the veteran BBC journalist, is serving as the interim host of the Sunday morning political programme after the departure of Andrew Marr. (Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images)
Piers Morgan has made a return to broadcasting with TalkTV. (Getty Images)

But not everyone criticised the show - one fan tweeted: "Was absolutely fantastic can’t wait for more oh how we have missed him welcome back Piers Morgan."

Someone else wrote: "It was fantastic!!! And you hit the nail on the head about freedom of speech in the whole show especially the opening monologue."

Another viewer commented: "Great to have you back Piers. I’m sure there will be times that I won’t agree with you. But glad your back on TV. Great start. Xx"

Morgan has been promoting the show with a clip of an interview where former US president Donald Trump appears to storm out and TalkTV is also available to watch in the US and Australia.

But one unimpressed US viewer tweeted: "I don’t know what Piers Morgan even does, except that he’s not relevant to ALL.."

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